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Search: lets you remotely manage a list of music, books, films or videogames on your blog or website. It can be embedded anywhere on your webpage and can be easily configured to fit the existing design of your site.

Here's how it works. You know the drill:

1. Sign-up to

"I certainly WILL add it []. It's one of the best tools I've seen. I'm currently setting it up for some of my sites."
- Peter Scott , Weblogs Compendium, creator of HYTELNET (1991), the first electronic browser for Internet resources.
2. Go to the Grab List Code page and add the special line of code to your webpage. Position as desired.

3. Start adding entries to your list from this website. Configure your list's look if you want. The results will appear on your webpage upon reloading and your site will automatically be submitted to the's recently updated list.

No FTP, no templates, no frames, no programming! The list is perfect for weblogs (e.g., but can be used on any type of website - even free ones like Geocities. See an example image, read more or try the demonstration by logging in on the left with username & password as 'demo'.

SELECT i.*, m.* FROM items AS i, members AS m WHERE i.mem_id=m.mem_id AND m.inactive=0 ORDER BY i.item_date DESC LIMIT 30
Supplier-In-China Musician Books Sametake Supplier_In_China 28 Nov 18 09:44 Match
Incentive Install for Apps Platform/Apps VHS Looking for incentive install for Yolo App in Vietnam Geo. Contact us with skype: black.simi Omega 07 Nov 18 11:38 Match
CPI, CPA APPA Platform Videogames Provide CPI, CPA traffic Omega 07 Nov 18 11:32 Match
Chinabrands Dropshipping platform Books Best Online dropshipping Suppliers Chinabrands 03 Jul 18 11:16 Match
test testtttttq Videogames Demo 01 Jun 18 19:42 Match
denature indonesia VHS yes penyakit sinusitis 10 May 18 07:41 Match
Obat Herbal musician Books thanks infonya fAIZIN 10 May 18 06:02 Match
Meble technoarattan ESHA Books Meble z technorattanu SH 19 Apr 17 18:29 Match
Meble ogrodowe technorattan ESHA Books Meble ogrodowe z technorattanu SH 19 Apr 17 18:27 Match
sporting clays ga Platform Books Old Hudson Plantation 08 Feb 17 14:47 Match Kris DVD Live cammen met hollandse meiden! 02 Nov 16 12:31 Match
Marieprom is good marieprom Music Marieprom is good marieprom 27 Oct 16 09:20 Match
Wikkelbedrijf Keizer B.V Director Videogames nvt 01 May 16 20:27 Match Director Videogames nvt 01 May 16 20:26 Match
love meme for her meme Books Best collection of love memes available here love meme for her 13 Apr 16 06:58 Match
Toll The Hounds (Book 8 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen) Steven Erikson Books Bowch's Blog 23 Mar 16 15:33 Match
meble ogrodowe vintage metalowe meble ogrodowe Books ławki i łuki ogrodowe LineArt agencja reklamowa - prezentacje multimedialne - tworzenie stron - poligrafia 19 Mar 16 08:43 Match
Meble technorattan Meble ogrodowe do ogrodu Books meble ogrodowe z technorattanu LineArt agencja reklamowa - prezentacje multimedialne - tworzenie stron - poligrafia 19 Mar 16 08:42 Match
Webcamsex U2 DVD best album I've heard in months Webcamsex 22 Jan 16 00:30 Match
Valentine's Soft Toys ishi21 Videogames Techno Toned 08 Jan 16 06:38 Match
Techno Toned ishi21 Books Techno Toned 08 Jan 16 06:36 Match
Puglia Villas Puglia Villa Rentals Books Very nice villa for rent in Puglia Italy Puglia Villa 18 Dec 15 00:12 Match
Reaper's Gale (Book 7 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen) Steven Erikson Books Bowch's Blog 28 Aug 15 13:18 Match
Elektromoteren Revisie Elektromotoren Revisie Books Elektromotoren 13 Aug 15 10:26 Match
The Bonehunters (Book 6 of The Malazan Book Of Fallen) Steven Erikson Books Bowch's Blog 06 Apr 15 16:48 Match
The Crazy Videos Marina Videogames Funny Meme The Crazy Videos 28 Feb 15 13:03 Match
Agen Obat Herbal Denature Nabiel Rossid Books Silahkan Kunjung Webs Kami obatherbaldenature 25 Feb 15 15:06 Match
Midnight Tides (Book 5 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen) Steven Erikson Books Bowch's Blog 02 Jan 15 11:22 Match
Midi Gratis musician Music Midi gratis tanpa batas Midi Indo 24 Nov 14 01:42 Match
the promise danielle steel Books Goodlyfe Entertainment 17 Oct 14 16:23 Match