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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Videogames of course i love it. geez. 12/01/06 Match
Devil's Rejects DVD quite a bit better than 1000 Corpses, so don't let that deter you. still rather pointless, but still enjoyable. 12/01/06 Match
King Kong 2005 DVD i liked this a lot more than i thought it would, though it needed some editing. it was an over-konging. 12/01/06 Match
Scrubs - Seasons 1 & 2 DVD YAY! i never get sick of this show and its parade of guest stars and nerd jokes. 12/01/06 Match
Meteos NDS Videogames why am i so hooked on this? it isn't Dr. Mario. 12/01/06 Match
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap GBA Videogames this is the first small format Zelda that had me hooked from the first 5 minutes with no effort on my part. very cute, oddly original, surprisingly tricky at times. 12/01/06 Match
The 40 Year Old Virgin DVD i will never. ever. get waxed. 12/01/06 Match
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones GCN Videogames yes. fun. i applaud. 12/01/06 Match
Wedding Crashers DVD what a waste of Christopher Walken... otherwise funny. 22/09/05 Match
Abandon Your Friends From Autumn to Ashes Music at first i was relieved, but as the album went on, i became more disappointed. only a handful of good tracks and a bunch of ponderous junk. the hardcore sound is where they shine... this is a shame. 22/09/05 Match
Ten Thousand Fists Disturbed Music try to ignore the political content and just bang your head and smile. 22/09/05 Match
The Good Girl DVD everything about this was real, except maybe that Jennifer Anniston would ever be stuck in that situation, even with ugly clothes. 27/07/05 Match
The Fury of Our Maker's Hand DevilDriver Music more of the same, thick with awesomeness. 27/07/05 Match
Comalies Lacuna Coil Music i must admit i'm a little disappointed. the album starts with a bang with the songs we already know, then goes downhill with little to keep my interest thru the end. 27/07/05 Match
Lost & Found Mudvayne Music it's so rare that a band grows with age, but Mudvayne has proven again that they can do it. great casual hard rock album. 27/07/05 Match
Mr. & Mrs. Smith DVD not sexy or funny enough, but it was sexy and funny. 12/07/05 Match
Adaptation DVD i think i just watched something deep, but i can't be sure. 12/07/05 Match
One Hour Photo DVD that wasn't bad. it really needed more creepy things, though. i'm jaded. 12/07/05 Match
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Mark Haddon Books the intriguing title and glowing reviews had me curious since this book came out, and i'm glad i finally picked it up. it's a 1st person narrative, train of thought story told by a mentally... different... boy. reminds me of Catcher in the Rye, and that's always a good thing. 26/06/05 Match
Deep Blue Sea DVD not the first time i'd see this, but i'd like to reinforce how absolutely great the last scene w/Samuel L. Jackson is. 14/06/05 Match
Breaking Up DVD i never knew Salma Hayek could be so deep outside a Kevin Smith movie 14/06/05 Match
The Life Aquatic DVD one of those movies that seems unique, clever, and a bit artsy until you watch it and feel worse off. 14/06/05 Match
The Terminal DVD wha.... huh? i guess i'm not surprised that a movie taking place entirely within an airport is so dull. Langoliers, it isn't. 14/06/05 Match
Hitch DVD surprisingly funny, not bad 14/06/05 Match
Star Wars: Episode III DVD i loved it. so there. 24/05/05 Match
Spinx and the Cursed Mummy GCN Videogames very addictive little zelda dungeon clone. you get to really beat the stuffing out of the mummy character. good times. 23/05/05 Match
Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 1 DVD a lot of action and a pleasant touch of that Star Wars humor. not fantastic, but worth watching for the fans. 12/05/05 Match
The Pacifier DVD lame. if you were really wondering. 12/05/05 Match
White Noise DVD totally laaaaame 12/05/05 Match
Alfie DVD i actually enjoyed this, related to parts of it, and have to say it isn't the trash it appeared to be. 12/05/05 Match
Hide and Seek DVD good in that predictable, time-killing sorta way. 12/05/05 Match
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DVD YESSSSS OMG YES. can't wait for the dvd. 04/05/05 Match
What the #$!@# Do We Know DVD i'm not sure what i just watched, but i think i learned something. this is just a step above the type of show you'd see 3am sunday on SciFi. don't hate yourself or you will whither into an old lady. 04/05/05 Match
The Notebook DVD deceptively good. this movie just has the feel and plot of a classic. not sure why everyone i know cried when they saw it, but it was touching. i just kept picturing him as the kid in Murder By Numbers... 04/05/05 Match
The Amittyville Horror 2005 DVD not perfect, by any means, but solid. 04/05/05 Match
Lost in Translation DVD strangely romantic. 19/04/05 Match
Be Cool DVD the only movie to ever make me hate Vince Vaughn. 18/04/05 Match
Ocean's 12 DVD overall not as great as the original, but still had some fun moments. worth seeing. 18/04/05 Match
Blade Trinity DVD a good part 3 if there ever was one 18/04/05 Match
Elektra DVD well, it didn't SUCK i guess 18/04/05 Match
Secondhand Lions DVD very sweet movie, felt like something from the 80s with its charm. 18/04/05 Match
The Forgotten DVD it gave me a heart attack. 03/04/05 Match
Garden State DVD it made me smile. 03/04/05 Match
Sin City DVD well there it is, a bloody movie full of cool actors, went on for WAY too long and went nowhere, but hey, it was entertaining. 03/04/05 Match
The Sum of All Fears DVD there's something about disastery movies that i love. maybe it's all the slowly zooming in shots of people looking intense. 03/04/05 Match
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town GBA Videogames nothin will ever beat HM64, but this is a cute mini version of the series. can't wait to get me cows! 31/03/05 Match
Quills DVD everyone should see this at least once. 13/03/05 Match
Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Videogames this is one of the greatest platformer series... and this isn't a crappy mini version of the old games. it rocks. get jiggies with it. 09/03/05 Match
Lost & Found DVD sometimes i get in the mood for a mindless movie. it's relaxing. i knew David Spade was my man for that, and he delivered. 06/03/05 Match
Rain Man DVD sometimes you just gotta watch an 80s classic. i'm not wearing my underwear. 06/03/05 Match
Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie DVD seriously.... what? 06/03/05 Match
Sideways DVD ...what? 06/03/05 Match
Hidalgo DVD i thought this would bore me, but it was good. it's long, but a lot of plot points came along at a fast pace. i was distracted by one thing, so i'm going to start the Viggo chap stick fund. 03/03/05 Match
Secrets and Mysteries by Sylvia Browne Books gotta love this psychic. right or wrong or crazy or whatever, she's always entertaining. i wanted to read this new book cuz she throws out her theories on the world's mysteries, such as the pyramids. similar to "Chariots of the Gods" which she mentions right off. 03/03/05 Match
My Boss's Daughter DVD how does Ashton Kutcher get all the hot chicks? and why do i always want to watch his movies? 19/02/05 Match
Little Black Book DVD the only thing interesting was the story idea... nothing very funny or touching. i can't decide whether the moral is to examine the past or not to examine it. 19/02/05 Match
Boogeyman DVD my heart has been weakened from seriously scary movies, so this jumped me once or twice. i just couldn't stop thinking about 7th Heaven for some reason... 19/02/05 Match
Finding Neverland DVD they are right when they call this the 'feel good movie of the year.' still, this is one of the least satisfying Depp movies i've ever seen. 01/02/05 Match
Xenosaga PS2 Videogames fairly typical PS RPG so far: shitloads of cinema scenes, slightly awkward control. FF it ain't. 01/02/05 Match
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Videogames interesting so far... it definitely picks up where the original game left off, and i can't wait to see it bridge the gap to the next console game. 13/01/05 Match
Jerry Mcguire DVD that's how i like my Tom Cruise. still, insanely overrated movie. 13/01/05 Match
Anger Management DVD you can doooo iiiiit! gotta love a running gag. that's all i have to say other than this movie stressed me out because Sandler's situation was always so maddening.... Jack's so good at being crazy. 06/01/05 Match
Jackie Brown DVD Pulp Fiction - cool stuff = Jackie Brown. this movie would be really cool if it weren't for better Tarantino movies. 06/01/05 Match
The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice Books i've finally reached the point in the series where the narative shifts from Lestat to my favorite side character, the mysterious, auburn-haired Armand. 09/12/04 Match
Sly 2: Band of Thieves PS2 Videogames i can already tell this one is much harder than the first, but they are building on what was great about Sly Cooper. awesome. 29/11/04 Match
National Treasure DVD i love this kind of thing, even if it is corny. even if you don't, Mr Comic Relief will get you through it. 29/11/04 Match
American Idiot by Green Day Music at first it seems like one of those albums with two or three good songs that i'd extract for mixes, then toss the rest... but i think it's growing on me. 29/11/04 Match
Ice Age DVD much better than expected--great actors supplying the voices. 29/11/04 Match
Mario Power Tennis GCN Videogames they actually improved upon Mario Tennis for the N64, which means i can now officially retire the N64 from parties. this is both a sad and beautiful day. 14/11/04 Match
The Incredibles DVD while it's not *incredible*, it is quite good. go have some clean fun and watch this. they even speed through Endor. 11/11/04 Match
Mork & Mindy Season 1 DVD most underrated sitcom ever. 09/11/04 Match
Paper Mario 2 GCN Videogames i am at the beginning of yet another adventure. i fold myself into an origami swan in joy. 09/11/04 Match
Saw DVD it's only a movie... only a movie... only a movie... can't sleep, clowns will eat me... it's only a movie... 05/11/04 Match
Emotive A Perfect Circle Music i really don't think we needed another version of Imagine. covering a powerful song over and over just dulls its effect. anyway, i'm liking the rest of the album so far. 05/11/04 Match
Exorcist: The Beginning DVD no, it's ok, i didn't want to sleep again anyway. 31/10/04 Match
Napoleon Dynamite DVD yes, touchingly dorky. a must see, and don't forget to keep watching after the end credits. 30/09/04 Match
Shaun of the Dead DVD British + horror = comedy. this actually comes off as being more believable than serious zombie horrors. lots of references for your nerding pleasure. 30/09/04 Match
Resident Evil: Apocalypse Soundtrack by various Music about 43.7 times better than the movie. tons of great bands and good songs... this renews my faith in soundtracks. 30/09/04 Match
The Curse by Atreyu Music don't let the cover art mislead you... this is great. 30/09/04 Match
Tales of Symphonia GCN Videogames i could do without the anime style. other than that, IT'S SO DAMN AWESOME. at least...the first 30 minutes are. 24/09/04 Match
Frail Words Collapse by As I Lay Dying Music it's music. it's hardcoreish metal. it's decent, but has yet to win me over. sing more, growl less. 24/09/04 Match
Envy DVD so many Ben Stiller movies, so little time. 20/09/04 Match
Resident Evil: Apocalypse DVD a first draft of what could have been a good zombie movie 20/09/04 Match
Without a Paddle DVD i'm tired of having nothing to say other than it was funny... cuz this one was funny, too. 20/09/04 Match
Saved! DVD funniest movie i've seen in a long time. heh, McCauley. 01/09/04 Match
Shape Shifters on Videogames it's only fair i include this game on my list considering how much time it has SUCKED FROM MY LIFE!! the shapes... the colors... ::drool:: 25/08/04 Match
Mean Girls DVD less freaky than seeing a dog walking on two legs. 25/08/04 Match
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle DVD shotgun anus! yeah. funny movie. 18/08/04 Match
Alien vs. Predator DVD another one of those movies that is fabulous for about 20% of the time, somewhat disappointing for the rest. 14/08/04 Match
Final Fantasy VII PS Videogames yes, finally. 14/08/04 Match
The Village DVD hey, if all your stories have the same type of surprise ending, you should take a lesson on the law of diminishing returns... or something. can't be too hard on him though, because i enjoyed a lot of this movie. 12/08/04 Match
50 First Dates DVD the walruses were my favorite part... though falling in love every day is cool too :) 08/08/04 Match
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Extended Edition DVD this is one of my all-time favorite movies. it just is. for anyone else who likes it, you HAVE to see this version. it adds some delicious depth to the film--relgious themes that were only hinted at before, plus some more funny moments. love that Alan Rickman. 04/08/04 Match
WarioWare GCN Videogames the microgames... they haunt my dreams... 31/07/04 Match
I, Robot DVD entertaining enough, though it lacked depth, and i don't think Asimov was even in the credits, much less mentioned. 28/07/04 Match
Heartbreakers DVD turned out well. great cast (Jason Lee & Ray Liotta!) and some good moments. moral: don't cheat. 26/07/04 Match
Hedwig & the Angry Itch DVD i don't know what to say other than i really like it. 21/07/04 Match
Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses by Atreyu Music a band that names itself after the main character of one of my fav movies is just setting itself up for disappointment, right? not necessarily. this is some of the best hardcore-metal i've heard. 19/07/04 Match
Burn Out the Stars by Magna-Fi Music solid rock. i enjoy it. 19/07/04 Match
Vulgar DVD not as vulgar as the name might suggest, but disturbing nonetheless. this is an important piece of the View Askewniverse. 16/07/04 Match
Eurotrip DVD lots of funnies and nakies. 09/07/04 Match
Spider-man 2 DVD watching it vicariously through someone else's excitement is the way to go. remember that the usher is the shit. 09/07/04 Match
Hangover Music, Vol. VI Black Label Society Music another solid album by Zakk. "House of Doom" is so damn catchy. 23/06/04 Match
Spider-man 2 Soundtrack Music barely worth the $9 i paid for it. typical mainstream movie soundtrack. Track 1 rocks, plus Danny Elfman tracks, nothing much else of note. 23/06/04 Match
A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar Dashboard Confessional Music yes, again. this is the BONUS version. with a dvd. very cool. 23/06/04 Match
'Salem's Lot ( 2004) DVD Rob Lowe + shaggy hair = perfect Stephen King character. this version is about a thousand times better than the original, but still not up to King movie par. 22/06/04 Match
Third Season Simpsons DVD this is where it started getting good. 20/06/04 Match
Mario Kart: Double Dash GCN Videogames more fun than a barrel of Diddy Kongs. 20/06/04 Match
The Chronicles of Riddick DVD Pitch Black 2? what? anyway, this movie is pretty cool. there will be another. 17/06/04 Match
The Stepford Wives DVD interesting balance of good and lame cast members. funny moments. overall meh. 13/06/04 Match
Through the Ashes of Empires Machine Head Music here me now - words i vow - no fucking regrets 11/06/04 Match
Stealing Harvard DVD more Jason Lee. if you hate Tom Green as much as i do, don't let it stop you from seeing this... he doesn't ruin it. too badly. 31/05/04 Match
Big Trouble DVD i <3 Puggy 31/05/04 Match
Troy DVD should be enjoyable to anyone who likes the literature/history/Brad Pitt. could have used a few creative surprises, but it's solid. 30/05/04 Match
Cheaper by the Dozen DVD good sunday afternoon kinda comedy... nice story. 30/05/04 Match
Signs by that M Night fellow DVD AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! why couldn't they be Vulcans? at least then i could sleep tonight. 28/05/04 Match
Ginger Snaps DVD a great scary movie and a Mr W special feature. it's worth digging up. 23/05/04 Match
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem GCN Videogames hahahaha can't believe i didn't buy this game sooner. i've always wanted it. your characters have a sanity meter! 17/05/04 Match
Ico PS2 Videogames very basic puzzler that reminds me of dungeon areas of Zelda games. a good renter. 17/05/04 Match
Vol. 1: Doom Doom Doom Invader Zim DVD weeeee-hoooooo, tacos! can't wait for volume 2~! 16/05/04 Match
The End of Heartache Killswitch Engage Music a great new chapter, though i mourn the old singer somewhat. K.E. is the best new metal band in my book. 16/05/04 Match
Clerks: The Animated Series DVD great box set for this short-lived cartoon that never once took itself seriously in the least. good extra features, too. 12/05/04 Match
Van Helsing DVD the PG-13 rating should give you an indication--this is a kids' movie, but entertaining anyway! 12/05/04 Match
The Long Hard Road out of Hell Marilyn Manson Books surprisingly interesting, very Manson. this book explains a lot. 07/05/04 Match
Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto Anneli S. Rufus Books the title says it all. 07/05/04 Match
Stand By Me DVD an all-time fav. thanks to Mr W for adding it to my dvd collection~! 25/04/04 Match
The End of All Things to Come Mudvayne Music ahh, i love it when a band grows better with age. 25/04/04 Match
Punisher: The Album Various Music meh, bleh, dull. 25/04/04 Match
Anthology Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Music needs some trimming, but it sure satisfies my Petty needs. 25/04/04 Match
Honkin' on Bobo Aerosmith Music beep beep beep 25/04/04 Match
Ride the Lightning Metallica Music screw you guys--i'm going back to 1984. 07/03/04 Match
Bloody Kisses (digipak version) Type O Negative Music can't believe i waited this long to get this. i think this version's better than the original, but less commercially acceptable. 02/03/04 Match
The Fiction We Live From Autumn to Ashes Music no surprises... it's very much them. i like it. 02/03/04 Match
Tell All Your Friends Taking Back Sunday Music they were better live. 02/03/04 Match
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles GCN Videogames my gba tells me to "please look at the tv screen". this is so awesome! 19/02/04 Match
Cabin Fever DVD ew. 02/02/04 Match
Butterfly Effect DVD trippy. disturbing. see it. 24/01/04 Match
Along Came Polly DVD kinda funny, rather gross, wait til it's on tv some afternoon 23/01/04 Match
Mario Party 5 GCN Videogames mama mia, what fun~! 14/01/04 Match
Trapt Music i like it in a fun, radio, singalong kinda way. 08/01/04 Match
Recreation Day Evergrey Music progressive rock/metal. think Dream Theater with a little more testosterone. i'm enjoying this hardcover book-style limited edition w/extra track. 07/01/04 Match
Confession Ill Nino Music 26/12/03 Match
Strays Jane's Addiction Music meh... this band is only around so i can look at Dave Navarro, isn't it? ah well, "Just Because" still rocks. 26/12/03 Match
DevilDriver Music Coal Chamber 2.0 with a cool logo. love it. 26/12/03 Match
Star Fox Adventures GCN Videogames 26/12/03 Match
Prince of Persia GCN Videogames 26/12/03 Match
Past, Present & Future Rob Zombie Music perfect cd. now let's drive fast and do sexy things. 04/12/03 Match
Memnoch the Devil Anne Rice Books finally, i get a moment to read for pleasure, and so far i think pleasure is what this book will bring. 30/11/03 Match
Darkness Falls DVD ::laugh:: wait, isn't this supposed to scare me? 30/11/03 Match
An Evening with Kevin Smith DVD might as well watch it a again before i sell it (not much replay value). my favorite part is the story about Superman, Jon Peters, and the giant fucking spider. 29/11/03 Match
Greatest Hits and Videos Red Hot Chili Peppers Music rad. lots of songs, lots of videos, lots of sexy bang for your buck. 27/11/03 Match
May DVD yes it IS messed up. watch it. 27/11/03 Match
Boondock Saints DVD yay for wonderful movies on cheap dvds. 27/11/03 Match
Take a Look in the Mirror Korn Music mmm... crunchy. 23/11/03 Match
Impossibility of Reason Chimaira Music it's good... 23/11/03 Match
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga GBA Videogames you'll be hooked on the brothers~! 23/11/03 Match
Texas Chainsaw Masscre 2003 DVD shrug... 01/11/03 Match
The Perks of Being a Wallflower Stephen Chbosky Books i'm a sucker for coming-of-age stories. 01/11/03 Match
You've Got Mail DVD sigh, i remember the days when such adventurous charm and excitement could be found within the animated mailbox. 13/10/03 Match
Suicide Kings DVD the cast makes this movie good. 13/10/03 Match
Identity DVD fun movie with a very classic thriller feel and Ray Liotta. who could ask for anything more? 13/10/03 Match
Music from Final Fantasy IX Nobuo Uematsu Music the mood just struck me. this is one of 2 video game soundtracks i've ever purchased. i'll let you guess the other. 13/10/03 Match
Autumn in New York DVD ::cries s'more:: 07/10/03 Match
I Am Sam DVD ::cry::... ::wail::... ::sob::... ::sniffle::... ok. i'm okay. 04/10/03 Match
Benny & Joon DVD greatness... i don't know why i put this off for so long ;) 04/10/03 Match
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask N64 Videogames finally got up the nerve to go through it again. 04/10/03 Match
Wargames DVD would. you. like. to. play. a. game. 24/09/03 Match
Call for Help TechTV DVD Leo is back where he belongs, and i'm not complaining, but wth ever happened to Chris? 22/09/03 Match
Final Destination 2 DVD as ghastly as the first 21/09/03 Match
The Ninth Gate DVD can you believe this is the only Johnny Depp dvd i own? 21/09/03 Match
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days DVD funny enough, i suppose 21/09/03 Match
Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD woo-ha, that was gloriously fun to look at. 19/09/03 Match
Rotten Apples The Smashing Pumpkins Music apples, indeed. sometimes i simply yearn for Billy Corgan spew. 17/09/03 Match
Thirteenth Step A Perfect Circle Music repeated listenings are required. 16/09/03 Match
Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore DVD watch out... this might make you THINK 12/09/03 Match
Number Munchers Videogames omfg, this is like gumdrops on crack. perfect nostalgia fodder. 12/09/03 Match
Phonebooth DVD anything w/Kiefer, baby 12/09/03 Match
Hands Down (video) D/C DVD new video for the new version. it's strangely beautiful. i'm kind of sad this song isn't my little secret anymore ;) 02/09/03 Match
BBC Sessions Led Zeppelin Music some things age with grace... uh, like this. 31/08/03 Match
The Two Towers LOTR DVD might as well keep going. Legolas turns my crank ;) 31/08/03 Match
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Judith Viorst Books see blog entry. 31/08/03 Match
Fellowship of the Rings LOTR DVD i remember this being LONG but HOLY DWARVES it's LONG. still awesome though. 31/08/03 Match
Giving the Devil His Due Coal Chamber Music ah, blood-pumping, crunchy excellence. 20/08/03 Match
The Art of Drowning AFI Music wee, this is part of my obsessive nature, buying all their freakin' albums til i get sick of them. well, i'm not sick yet. 20/08/03 Match
Black Sails in the Sunset AFI Music 18/08/03 Match
Late Night with Conan O'Brien DVD heh this is the episode from when the power was out. the show must go on. 18/08/03 Match
The Fragile NIN Music 18/08/03 Match
A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar Dashboard Confessional Music oh yeah, it's wonderful. there was never any doubt. 15/08/03 Match
Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack Music it's been way too long since someone put out another good hard rock soundtrack. SOAD is conspicuously absent... 15/08/03 Match
The Young and the Hopeless Good Charlotte Music don't laugh too hard... it's better than you know ;) 15/08/03 Match
Comedy Central Roast of Dennis Leary DVD this is not nearly as funny as it should be... but still, it does have Dennis Leary. 11/08/03 Match
Mascara & Monsters Alice Cooper Music from one Alice to the next, my train of consciousness led me to this strange place. it's surprising how good Alice Cooper really can be. 10/08/03 Match
Nothing Safe (Best of the Box) Alice in Chains Music truly great songs. too often ignored. i'll never forget... ::sniffle:: 10/08/03 Match
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour GCN Videogames bring on the shrooms. i'm ready. 09/08/03 Match
Monty Python & the Holy Grail Monty Python DVD wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith... A HERRING!!! 09/08/03 Match
Rexall Dave Navarro Music "i hate my life i hate my life" god, that's deep >:D 09/08/03 Match
Headbangers Ball mtv2 DVD wee, it's back. feel the rage. 09/08/03 Match
All Hallow's E.P. AFI Music OoOooO fun Halloweeny spookable Misfits-wannabe monster mashin' punky goodness. 06/08/03 Match
A Rush of Blood to the Head Coldplay Music mmm, deep & soothing. i was never into this kind of junk until Coldplay. 06/08/03 Match
Christine VHS it's a hot rod that's possessed. this movie is very Stephen King, and i loved it as much as the book. 03/08/03 Match
Mad Love DVD that was such a sweet movie... she was just so... insane ::sigh:: 01/08/03 Match
Family Matters DVD the genius of Urkel. dude, his bowling ball is PLAID. 31/07/03 Match
Bringing Down the Horse The Wallflowers Music this was 7 years ago~!? 31/07/03 Match
Unplugged in NY Nirvana Music jesus don't want me for a sunbeam :\ 31/07/03 Match
14 Shades of Grey Staind Music ::shrug:: the usual Staind goodness. 28/07/03 Match
Everything's Eventual Stephen King Books something funny to read... an in-betweener. 27/07/03 Match
X-Men DVD smack me. no way would i sit through this if Patrick Stewart wasn't in it :P 27/07/03 Match
Boondock Saints DVD just plain cool. 27/07/03 Match
The Thing Called Love DVD one of River Phoenix's last roles... i remember loving this movie when i was something like 13 27/07/03 Match
Sing the Sorrow AFI Music ::claps:: very good. 27/07/03 Match
Gangs of New York DVD 2nd time i've seen it, and i noticed some new things. it really doesn't have much replay value, despite being a wonderful flick. 25/07/03 Match
Just Married DVD that was reasonably amusing. 25/07/03 Match
Turbo21 Videogames good for the Sunday blahs. 20/07/03 Match
Star Trek: DS9 Season 1 box set DVD hehe, i'm reminded of how much i like Julian. 20/07/03 Match
Nevermind Nirvana Music this album rears its head once every summer... i carry it in the car for that one occasion the need to listen it hits. it was good to hear (: 18/07/03 Match
Alive or Just Breathing Killswitch Engage Music about time i found a new metal band i actually like. 13/07/03 Match
So Impossible Dashboard Confessional Music ::sob:: 13/07/03 Match
Schisms Star Trek TNG episode DVD gawdDAMN THAT'S MAD CREEPY~! 13/07/03 Match
Golden Sun: The Lost Age GBA Videogames ::cracks knuckles:: let's get this party started. 13/07/03 Match
Life is Killing Me Type O Negative Music whoa. 13/07/03 Match
Star Trek: TNG Season 6 box set DVD i never noticed how much emphasis they really put on Tasha Yar. 13/07/03 Match
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland PS2 Videogames hi, i'm farmer Harvey, and i'm going to save the town by growing corn. 13/07/03 Match
The Tale of the Body Thief Anne Rice Books never have i related to Lestat more. 13/07/03 Match