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Deimos Rising Ambrosia Software Videogames This game has phenomenal graphics, amazing movement, and action at every second! It's an arcade style game, like Galaga, except there are also tanks which have a very good accuracy and shoot far... This is definitly one of my favorites!! 27/09/03 Match
Psycho (1960) Alfred Hitchcock VHS If you're going to rent 1 scary film this year, make that film Psycho. This film may 43 years old, but it freaks me out worse than the films out today!! It leaves you guessing who the psychotic murder is until the end. Then at the end, they leave you hanging, in the style that's made hitchcocks movies such a popular style to mimic... but no one has even come close to the suspense and surprise that Hitchcock leave you with... a definite must to see!! 13/09/03 Match
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy Douglas Adams Books These books are hilarious!! I think the first 3 books are the best, but 4 and 5 (yes 4+5) are very good too! Fortanutly these books are found at, instead of "in the basement of city hall ... locked in a file cabinet in an outhouse with a sign that says 'Beware the Panther' ". Well, "So long and thanks for all fish!!" 13/09/03 Match
The End is Near Five Iron Frenzy Music This CD rocks my sox!! I love it, and really wish this wasn't FIF's last album... :( this CD's kinda a mix of rock, punk, ska, and metal.. now you can only buy this CD at their concerts, so the link goes to their site.. 13/09/03 Match
The Beautiful Letdown Switchfoot Music I always love switchfoot's CDs, and this definitly won't be the exception!!I especially love the song, Meant to Live. The intro music keeps shooting from ear to the other. And that sounds sweet through headphones!!! 13/09/03 Match
Fireproof Pillar Music Keep rocking Pillar, cuz "Fireproof" rocks!! *headbangs* It's loud and edgy. I'd REALLY suggest buying it at a CD store or the iTunes music store (for the Macs). 13/09/03 Match
riVen Cyan Videogames This is a really well done videogame. the 3D graphics and animation are amazing, the video clips of real people are seamlessly mixed in, and the puzzles are definetly challenging. i took a couple of months (and lots of hint pages!!) to figure it out... 30/08/03 Match