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Fifa 08 Electronin arts Videogames I'm still addicted 02/11/08 Match
Satisfaction Otis Reading Music Better than the stones 02/11/08 Match
Blood Sweat and Tears Blood Sweat and Tears Music The first album I ever owned 03/04/07 Match
Fifa 07 (PS2) Electronic Arts Videogames I'm addicted 03/04/07 Match
The Big Lebowski Dir: Cohen brothers DVD One the great films in a kind of ordinary way...the dude abides 03/04/07 Match
Downward to earth Robert Silverberg Books Good SF 03/04/07 Match
Brought up The Hard Way Otis Spann Music superb blues from Otis 21/06/05 Match
Chocolat Dir: Lasse Halstrom DVD I love the it again 21/06/05 Match
Carter Beats the Devil Glen David Gold Books One of the best books in a long time (good holiday read too) 21/06/05 Match
The Magicians Wife Brian More Books Interesting and Evocative 21/06/05 Match
The Rutles Eric Idle VHS The Great Beatles Satire 21/06/05 Match
The 13 Question Method Chuck Berry Music 21/06/05 Match
Mahogany Soul Angie stone Music Superb 31/03/04 Match
Oceans 11 The Frank Sinatra version DVD 31/03/04 Match
The caravan of Dreams Idries Shah Books 31/03/04 Match
Casablanca directed by Michael Curtiz starring Bogart and Bergman VHS one of the great romantic films of all time 11/01/04 Match
Tales of Ordinary Madness Charles Bukowski Books Master of the short story 11/01/04 Match
Black Eyed Dog Nick Drake Music years old this but what a track 11/01/04 Match
Catch me if you can Spielberg VHS Great understated movie, shallow story yet deep meaning 19/11/03 Match
Tropico Feral Interative Videogames I'd forgotten about this great little sim game 19/11/03 Match
Timescape Gregory Benford Books A classic science novel 19/11/03 Match
The Act of Will Dr R Assagiolli Books Psychosynthesis 04/10/03 Match
Apocalypse Now Dir: FF Copola VHS the Heart of Darkness 04/10/03 Match
Migrate to OSX server apple Books 04/10/03 Match
Stupid White Men Michael Moore Books A must read 04/10/03 Match
Championship Manager (for Mac) Videogames 20/09/03 Match
Bad Day at Black Rock Starring Spencer Tracy VHS 20/09/03 Match
Where is the Love Black Eyed Peas (feature J Timberlake) Music 20/09/03 Match
Both sides Now Joni Mitchell Music 20/09/03 Match
inner City Blues Gil scott heron Music 20/09/03 Match
Care of The Soul Thomas Moore Books A new look at personal growth 20/09/03 Match