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Acoustic EP The Early November Music Great Sound 11/02/04 Match
Why Do they Rock So Hard? Reel Big Fish Music Great Stuff...ummm Ska 11/01/04 Match
American Gods Neil Gaiman Books 07/01/04 Match
Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared Diamond Books A very interesting look at why some people conqured others and not the reverse. 03/01/04 Match
Thief Of Time Terry Pratchett Books This is one of Terry Pratchett's Best Works 29/12/03 Match
Ocean Avenue Yellowcard Music I think this is the best music I've heard in a good long while 29/12/03 Match
Monstrous Regiment Terry Pratchett Books Terry Pratchett Kicks Ass 29/12/03 Match
North Something Corporate Music Good Stuff 29/12/03 Match
The Sword of Shannara Terry Brooks Books Wonderful Adventure 29/12/03 Match