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Descriptionas it is, a research rubbish

Dude, Where's My Country Michael Moore Books long live america! 10/08/04 Match
The Craft of Research Booth, Colomb, Williams Books 11/06/03 Match
An Interpretation of Islam Laura Veccia Vaglieri Books 20/05/03 Match
Parallel Computational Geometry Selim G. Aki & Kelly A. Lyons Books 20/05/03 Match
A New Kind of Science Stephen Wolfram Books 14/01/03 Match
Like I Love You Justin Timberlake Music 14/01/03 Match
Naughty Girl Holly Valance Music 28/12/02 Match
You and I Will Young Music 22/10/02 Match
Complexity and Postmodernism Paul Cilliers Books 21/10/02 Match
Emergence John Holland Books 21/10/02 Match
Digital Biology Peter J. Bentley Books 21/10/02 Match