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Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt Anne Rice Books Very good storytelling trying to tell a part of the best story ever - really good, really thoughtful 28/10/05 Match
Waking Ashland Composure Music Lots of depth to their lyrics, and the music's growing on me, too 15/10/05 Match
A Collision David Crowder Music Good stuff - love the different textures of the music and lyrics 15/10/05 Match
New Town Harry Blamires Books 12/10/05 Match
Practitioners Greg Russinger and Alex Field Books Good book, fun doodling exercises! 12/10/05 Match
Regulars and Refugees Carrie Newcomer Music Wow - great storyteller, hits home with so many "refugees" in the aftermath of the storm 04/09/05 Match
Harp 46 Harp 46 Music Pleasant, relaxing, worshipful - what more can you ask for? 04/09/05 Match
Amusing Chris Rice Music Maturing from the Youth Minister tendencies towards something deeper 04/09/05 Match
Why Should The Fire Die? Nickel Creek Music Bluegrass, new grass - I just really enjoy this stuff, so different from my main tastes 04/09/05 Match
Looking For Lucky Hootie & The Blowfish Music Classic Hootie - these guys found what put them on the map in the beginning 04/09/05 Match
Seizing Your Divine Moment Erwin McManus Books Starting book discussion - looking forward to this one in community with others 04/09/05 Match
Preaching Re-imagined Doug Pagitt Books Most non-linear book I've ever read - worth the effort to find a different way to express truth in community 30/08/05 Match
Looking for Lucky Hootie & the Blowfish Music Just like ol' Hootie - lots of hooks, lots of good commuting music 30/08/05 Match
Provocative Faith Matthew Paul Turner Books Memoir - very conversational style 30/08/05 Match
The Gospel According to America David Dark Books 25/08/05 Match
Through Painted Deserts Donald Miller Books 25/08/05 Match
The Rule of Four Ian Caldwell Books 25/08/05 Match
Comes A Horseman Robert Liparulo Books Ambitious techno-thriller, determined to dive into the motivations of the characters, the WHY more than the WHO 25/08/05 Match
Reflection Of Something Todd Agnew Music Good summer tunes, very Hootie-esque in spots (nota bad thing!) 03/08/05 Match
Velvet Elvis Rob Bell Books Stretching me - really good use of metaphor and story, and I'm challenged to follow his take and see who Jesus is through this "canvas" 31/07/05 Match
Under the Overpass Mike Yankoski Books Hard to read, needs to hit close to home, out of comfort-zone 24/07/05 Match
Jesus in the Margins Rick McKinley Books Memoirs of Don Miller's pastor-friend - finding meaning in the marginalized, finding honesty on the fringes 24/07/05 Match
God's Blogs Lanny Donoho Books Inventive, but I think God would at least allow comments 24/07/05 Match
Crisis on Infinite Earths Marv Wolfman Books Told from dying Flash's point of view - very good, very stream of consciousness reading 24/07/05 Match
Confessions of a Caffeinated Christian John Fischer Books Really honest, really caffeinated - I've liked Fischer's writing for years, and this is like reading his best columns all in a row 12/07/05 Match
Wonkamania Kris Rasmussen Books Devotional - I liked it, didn't stoop to being cliche' but really opened up the characters and plotpoints for spiritual insight 12/07/05 Match
Blade: Trinity Wesley Snipes DVD Needs a plot, someone to rewrite dialogue - ugh 25/06/05 Match
Unearthed e s Posthumus Music Electronica, first heard of this from Cold Case theme - good chill vibe to it 24/06/05 Match
X & Y Coldplay Music Sign of a good album is that it grows on you with time - no tracks stand out to me yet, but I'm liking it more each time I pop it in... 20/06/05 Match
1776 David McCullough Books Very good, very readable insights into the herosim and relunctancy of the Founding Fathers 20/06/05 Match
Batman Begins: Soundtrack Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard Music While there's not big hook running through the composition, I thought it played well in the movie. Not good driving music - but good staring out the window music. 20/06/05 Match
Eragon Christopher Paolini Books 13/06/05 Match
Wrapped in Rain Charles Martin Books Part-Grisham, part-Faulkner - very descriptive and southern - recommend this one 13/06/05 Match
Confessions of a Caffeinated Christian John Fischer Books This is so me - caffeinated and working through it, too 13/06/05 Match
Keeping The Faith Ben Stiller, Edward Norton DVD I thought it kept the pace really well, and highlighted the spiritual and its impact on the social relationships of their lives 12/06/05 Match
Snatch Brad Pitt, Guy Ritchie DVD Too much going on, and I never bought into the characters enough to care what happened next 12/06/05 Match
Sideways Paul Giamatti DVD Liked it okay - the guys were way shallow until the end, and then the ending was perfect 12/06/05 Match
Star Wars III - Soundtrack John Williams Music Really good, listening to the transition to the Dark Side 07/06/05 Match
The Aviator Leonardo DiCaprio DVD Pretty film, but I didn't care what happened next - bad sign 05/06/05 Match
Resolve Last Tuesday Music Not bad, pretty challenging lyrically 05/06/05 Match
Benjamin Franklin Walter Isaacson Books Liking it so far, finding that Ol' Ben was a pretty likeable guy 05/06/05 Match
Bruce Almighty Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman DVD A bit more universal and pluralistic than necessary maybe - but good message that it's more about who you bless than how you're blessed 05/06/05 Match
Lemony Snicket: Series of Unfortunate Series Jim Carrey DVD Good stuff - in the midst of bad stuff, love and imagination and creavity still gets it done 05/06/05 Match
Racing Stripes Frankie Muniz, Dustin Hoffman DVD Cliche, but not bad - and Reggie the Rooster is classic 29/05/05 Match
Eulogy Hank Azaria, Ray Romano, Zooey Deschanel DVD It was ok, but I never bought into the family enough for it to be funny 26/05/05 Match
Spanglish Adam Sandler DVD Liked it - a little slow, but had it's good moments and definite character development as the story goes along 26/05/05 Match
Just Married Margaret Feinberg Books Been married 14 yrs, still "just married"! 14/05/05 Match
twentysomething Margaret Feinberg Books I'm too old, but still able to learn from this one 14/05/05 Match
End Of All Wars Keifer Sutherland DVD WWII POWs, and the grace of forgiveness in Christ 14/05/05 Match
Primer Shane Carruth DVD Low-budget, but really really smart 14/05/05 Match
National Treasure Nicolas Cage DVD Good, fun Saturday night movie - we were just a step in front of most of the twists, but enjoyed it alot 14/05/05 Match
Gilead Marilynne Robinson Books 07/05/05 Match
Genesis Joy Williams Music "New beginning" - good sounds, good driving music 07/05/05 Match
Devils & Dust Bruce Springsteen Music Never been a real fan, but this one is rich - had to have it 07/05/05 Match
The Gutter Craig Gross Books Mind-opening, challenging, encouraging - "the gutter" is wherever you are without God 07/05/05 Match
Star Wars IV-VI Trilogy George Lucas DVD First three movies, watching again before last one comes out! 28/04/05 Match
The Pressure's Off Larry Crabb Books Good book - enlightening, encouraging 28/04/05 Match
The Abbey Road Sessions Steven Curtis Chapman Music Acoustic set - very well done, good remix of favorite songs 14/04/05 Match
Sunsets & Sushi David Crowder Band Music Remixes - good workday tunes on the laptop 14/04/05 Match
Redemption Songs Jars of Clay Music Very soothing, acoustic mix of classic hymns 14/04/05 Match
Monster Frank Peretti Books Couldn't wait for this one - would make a great SciFi Channel flick 10/04/05 Match
Eleanor Rigby Douglas Copeland Books 10/04/05 Match
The Seeker's Way Dave Fleming Books Good book - not for everyone, but very encouraging to me 10/04/05 Match
Colossians Remixed Brian J. Walsh, Sylvia C. Keesmaat Books Really opening up a different way to look at a small & subversive epistle 31/03/05 Match
The Next Generation Leader Andy Stanley Books Possible readthrough with our small group leaders 31/03/05 Match
The Incredibles Disney/Pixar DVD Best Movie of 2004 18/03/05 Match
The United States Of Leland Don Cheadle, Ryan Gosling DVD Another one that was a litttle off-the-wall - I wanted to care for the characters, but really didn't 18/03/05 Match
Love Me If You Dare Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard DVD Definitely European, "twilight-zone-ish" in a continually weird and hurtful way, and the ending was inevitable but hokey 18/03/05 Match
Experiencing The Power Of The Cross Gary Kinnaman Books Grabbed my attention more than I thought it would 06/03/05 Match
Raise Your Voice Hillary Duff DVD Not bad for a girly-girl movie 06/03/05 Match
Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow DVD cool CGI, but it took away from the story in too many spots 11/02/05 Match
Ray Jamie Foxx DVD really good - really long, but really good, and Foxx deserves the Oscar 11/02/05 Match
The Last Word, And The Word After That Brian McLaren Books Finishing up the trilogy, Dan and Neo wrestle with the concepts of life, death, hell and who God really is 11/02/05 Match
HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy Douglas Adams Books Reading it again, laughing again, enjkoying the dry Btitish wit again 06/02/05 Match
Napoleon Dynamite Jon Heder, Jon Gries DVD Either the best movie ever made, or wasted two hours. Haven't made up my mind, but worth the rental either way 02/02/05 Match
The House Show Derek Webb Music Took his solo project "on the road" to play in people's houses - how cool is that? 29/01/05 Match
Live From The Union Chapel Damien Rice Music Acoustic and homey - wish I'd been there 29/01/05 Match
Leadership Wisdom From Unlikely Voices Dave Fleming Books I've read lots of leadership books - this one moves to the top of the list. I was messed up from the Introduction... well-written and challenging - wow. 29/01/05 Match
The Jesus Habits Jay Dennis Books Didn't do much for me - too sermon/powerpoint-like, but some good information anyway 29/01/05 Match
Comic Book Character David Zimmerman Books Great book, really conversational and deeper than the cheesy cover would let you know 29/01/05 Match
Troy Brad Pitt, Eric Bana DVD Really long, but liked it - incredible one-on-one combat scenes 29/01/05 Match
Bad Ground Dale Cramer Books 11/01/05 Match
Peter and The Star-Catchers Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson Books How did Peter Pan and the Lost Boys get started? 08/01/05 Match
Collateral Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx DVD Good movie - slow-paced for the effect, good suspense - good flick 05/01/05 Match
Anchorman Will Ferrell DVD Funny in places, but rent Garden State instead 05/01/05 Match
Garden State Zach Braff DVD Great movie - off-kilter in all kinds of ways, but well-made & well-written 05/01/05 Match
I, Robot Will Smith DVD Not bad - finally picked up the pace after the first hour, and we figured it out just a bit before "twist" 01/01/05 Match
Other Side Of Something Sara Groves Music Soft voice with really deep content 28/12/04 Match
Battle For Everything Five For Fighting Music Strong lyrics, good music 28/12/04 Match
Songs About Jane Maroon 5 Music Good pop groove, very listenable @ work 28/12/04 Match
Thunderbirds Bill Paxton, Jonathan Frakes DVD Not a bad kid-spy-kick-bad-guy-booty flick 28/12/04 Match
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb U2 Music Got this for Christmas - still growing on me, I think 26/12/04 Match
LOTR: Return Of The King (Extended Edition) Peter King DVD Wow... wow 26/12/04 Match
Spider-Man 2 Tobey Maguire DVD Best superhero movie ever 26/12/04 Match
Living Room Sessions: Christmas Chris Rice Music Wonderful piano, slow Christmas music 21/12/04 Match
Peace Jim Brickman Music Slow jazzy Christmas tunes 21/12/04 Match
The Terminal Tom Hanks DVD 19/12/04 Match
A Series Of Unfortunate Events - A Bad Opening Lemony Snicket Books I'm really getting into this one, and I hope I enjoy the series as much as this first book and the film 19/12/04 Match
Sleepover Alexa Vega DVD Hmmm, no, didn't really work. She should stick to SpyKids, but my 7-yr-old daughter liked it as much as she could understand. 19/12/04 Match
a Generous Orthodoxy Brian McLaren Books Still asking myself what "MISSIONAL" might look like, with the church being a blessing to the whole world and not *just* Christians... good book 10/12/04 Match
The Bourne Supremacy Matt Damon DVD Think I liked the first one better, but Damon does better Bourne than Chamberlain! 10/12/04 Match
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Jim Carrey DVD Thought Carrey did a wonderful job, but the movie went on and on and on. Worked, just long. Did I mention it was a bit lengthy? 10/12/04 Match
Scooby Doo 2 Scooby, Matthew Lillard DVD C'mon, it's Scooby - of course it's campy! 10/12/04 Match
Elf Will Ferrell DVD Good Christmas movie - Ferrell is today's Chevy Chase & Bill Murray rolled into a green fluffy suit 04/12/04 Match
Shrek 2 Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy DVD Liked it better than first one, but stil not all that for me - funny, at least this one had a plot 26/11/04 Match
Matchstick Men Nicholas Cage DVD Ehh - didn't work for me, but a second viewing might be different. 26/11/04 Match
Out Of The Question, Into The Mystery Len Sweet Books Sweet always floors me with his data and insight into what the data means for Christians living the kingdom-life right now 06/11/04 Match
The Assignment Mark Andrew Olsen Books Like DaVinci Code, with twists & turns & spiritual/political intrigue 06/11/04 Match
13 Going On 30 Jennifer Garner DVD Better than we thought it would be; definite 80s-retro, cool soundtrack 06/11/04 Match
The Big Kahuna Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito DVD Dialogue-driven movie about evangelism, marketing and relationships - MUST SEE 18/10/04 Match
Saved! Jenna Malone, Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin DVD "I'm saving myself for marriage, by force if necessary" - it was downhill from there, less edgy & more heretical than it needed to be 12/10/04 Match
Under God Toby Mac, Michael Tait Books Really good, in line with Jesus Freaks - story of Americans fighting for freedom, doing the right thing no matter what 10/10/04 Match
Merton: A Film Biography Thomas Merton DVD Very good documentary, following Merton's life from Europe and through the hills of Kentucky - If you've read any of his works, you'll want to see this 08/10/04 Match
Searching For God Knows What Donald Miller Books Follow-up to Blue Like Jazz - so far, so good 01/10/04 Match
House Of Sand And Fog Jennifer Connelly, Ben Kingsley DVD Wow, bummer movie - bad things happen, and bad choices don't make things right. No "happy ending" here - but I liked it. 28/09/04 Match
The Butterfly Effect Ashton Kutcher DVD Freaked out - but it kept all its threads together, I thought - very intelligent movie 21/09/04 Match
Revolutionary Communicator Erik Lokkesmoe, Jedd Medefind Books Two speechwriters, so it's a little verbose - but great concept, looking @ how Jesus communicated with us 18/09/04 Match
Donnie Darko Jake Gyllenhaal, Jenna Malone & Patrick Swayze DVD Interesting & weird - not sure if it was a social commentary posing as sci-fi/fantasy, or vice versa 10/09/04 Match
New Way To Be Human Charlie Peacock-Ashworth Books Jumped off the shelf at me... looking forward to this one 06/09/04 Match
McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales Michael Chabon Books Going back to a time when a short story had a plot - good stuff 16/08/04 Match
Uprising Erwin R. McManus Books Really good - not "just for men", he speaks to the whole person, encouraging me past my own hangups 10/08/04 Match
The Manchurian Candidate Frank Sinatra DVD I liked it - one more twist would've been fun, but I wanted to see it before re-make. 09/08/04 Match
The Perfect Score Scarlett Johanson DVD Not "The Breakfast Club, but not bad 09/08/04 Match
For The Ride Home Josh Kelley Music Good morning commute tunes 31/07/04 Match
Lovely Bones Alice Sebold Books Looking forward to this one... 31/07/04 Match
Benjamin Franklin Walter Isaacson Books Looking forward to this one... 31/07/04 Match
Founding Brothers Joseph J. Ellis Books Really good, showing the relationships that mattered among the men who shaped USAmerica 31/07/04 Match
Perpetua: a Bride, a Passion, a Martyr Amy Rachel Peterson Books Reading very well, with family tension over evangelism, intelligent debate in Rome A.D. 31/07/04 Match
Open Range Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall DVD Slower paced, but much better than I thought it would be 31/07/04 Match
Big Fish Ewen McGregor DVD Shows the power of story, maybe too far over truth - but being meaningful has added power 31/07/04 Match
The Last Samurai Tom Cruise DVD Not bad, very beautiful scenery 31/07/04 Match
Just Married Ashton Kushcher DVD 10/03/04 Match
Runaway Jury John Cusack, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman DVD 10/03/04 Match
Don't Waste Your Life John Piper Books 07/03/04 Match
The Beautiful Letdown Switchfoot Music 28/02/04 Match
Long Time Coming Jonny Lang Music 28/02/04 Match
Black Ted Dekker Books 28/02/04 Match
Lost In Translation Sofia Coppola DVD Needed to catch it before the Oscars 28/02/04 Match
The King of Torts John Grisham Books didn't like it - love the writing, but the character flew high and didn't fall enough when his ethics failed him 21/02/04 Match
Lion King 1 & 1/2 Disney Pictures DVD Very funny - if you liked Lion King, this one sheds light on what else was going on. Very creative. 21/02/04 Match
The Royal Tenenbaums Wes Anderson DVD Good movie for discussion of family dynamics, forgiveness, moving on 17/02/04 Match
The Ironic Christian's Companion Patrick Henry Books Might be more "liberal" than I can take, but we'll see. 16/02/04 Match
In Search Of Jesus Lost Jan Tapia Books Started out well - but got kinda flaky towards the end. 16/02/04 Match
Imitation Of Christ Thomas a' Kempis Books 16/02/04 Match
The Dilbert Principle Scott Adams Books The more I re-read, the more it still rings so true... 16/02/04 Match
The Life Of Pi Yann Martel Books 16/02/04 Match
Sacred Love Sting Music Great lyrics, strong tunes to go with 16/02/04 Match
Closer Josh Groban Music When I sing in my head, I sound like this - great voice. 16/02/04 Match