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NameMan of Leisure
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DescriptionThe original "Man of Leisure", currently serving as a residence hall director at the University of Portland, OR. Formerly of the Western Dominicans, formerly of SAFECO Insurance, formerly of St Meinrad College, formerly of O'Dea HS.

Mr Phillips John Lanchester Books The second novel by the author of "The Debt to Pleasure", which was one of the best books I read last year. Lanchester is a gifted writer with an amazing vocabulary. Two chapters in, this book has great potential: a man gets fired from the job he's secretly hated for years, but doesn't want to let his family in on the fact. 25/03/04 Match
Ethics Baruch de Spinoza Books MA reading. Spinoza (1632-1677), a lens-grinder by trade, was a philosopher who wrote and thought much about the freedom of expression, primarily because his own thoughts were wholly original and "unorthodox". He was formally excommunicated from the synagogue in the Netherlands by his 25th birthday, and lived out the rest of his short life near The Hague. The works that got him excommunicated were written to explain God's relationship to people and the proper human response to God. Ethics is his masterwork. 19/03/04 Match
A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson Books I'm just getting in to this book, written by the author of "A Walk in the Woods". An exploration of the beginning of the cosmos and the origins of life on earth. 12/03/04 Match
Collected Works Plato Books MA reading. Selections from Cratylus, Gorgias, The Republic, Theaetetus, The Sophist, The Laws, and the entire dialogue of Meno. 03/03/04 Match
Digital Fortress Dan Brown Books Brain candy for when the Plato and Aristotle get too much. A page turner. 03/03/04 Match
Collected Works Aristotle Books MA reading. Selections on virtue from The Categories, Nicomachean Ethics, Politics, Rhetoric. 03/03/04 Match
Collected Plays Euripides Books MA reading. One of the three great Greek tragedy writers (contemporary of Aeschylus and Sophocles). We have only 18 of over 90 plays written by the man known as the "philosopher of the stage". He speaks about the nature vs. nurture debate (to think it was a question 500 years before Christ!). 01/03/04 Match
The Definitive Collection Bay City Rollers Music Loaned by Ms. Julie, I'm beginning to listen to these guys, the pride of Scotland. "Turn up the Bay City Rollers!" 22/02/04 Match
Pompeii Robert Harris Books I just downloaded this from to play on my iPod. It's been atop the bestseller list on Audible for a few weeks, so I'm looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about. 22/02/04 Match
The Wind Warren Zevon Music Warren's Grammy-winning poignant final album, released posthumously. Favorite tracks include "Tu eres el amor de mi vida" and ""Keep me in your heart". 20/02/04 Match
The Meditations Marcus Aurelius Books A book of aphorisms by one of the most successful Caesars. It's refreshing to read a stoic philosopher, because he writes simply and directly. Part of my MA program. 20/02/04 Match