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Bombay(Hindi) Mani Ratnam DVD A classic that I enjoyed watching again (this time in Hindi) 18/12/04 Match
Butter Chicken in Ludhiana Pankaj Mishra Books An impulse buy. Let's see how it is. 17/12/04 Match
The Lost Continent Bill Bryson Books Good but not as good as some of his other books I think. 17/12/04 Match
Peoplewatching Desmond Morris Books A new edition of his book Manwatching now given this more politically correct title. Haven't really started it yet. 17/12/04 Match
The Book of Lists David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace Books Fascinating trivia! 10/12/04 Match
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: A Novel Susanna Clarke Books Finally, finally got my hands on this book. Just started it but am loving it so far. Can't believe there are 700-odd more pages to go! 10/12/04 Match
Veer Zaara Yash Chopra DVD Not exactly the right movie to see starting at 10 pm. Liked the first half a lot more than the second. Much better than I thought it would be. 10/12/04 Match
The Line of Beauty Alan Hollinghurst Books Widely touted as the first "gay novel", or rather one told from a gay protagonist's viewpoint, this tends to overshadow the fact that The Line of Beauty is a gem of a novel. I haven't finished it yet but am enjoying every sentence, which certainly can't be said for certain parts of Cloud Atlas. Beautiful. Update: Have finished it. 02/12/04 Match
Legally Blonde 2 Charles Herman-Wurmfeld DVD Candyfloss fluff. Elle Woods was just too irritating. 02/12/04 Match
Seabiscuit Gary Ross DVD A feel-good David and Goliath type movie. Enjoyable. 27/11/04 Match
The Naked Eye Desmond Morris Books A very interesting trip around the world, through the eyes of Desmond Morris, more famous for The Naked Ape. Even when I disagree with him I can't help being amused. 27/11/04 Match
The Politeness of Princes and Other School Stories P. G. Wodehouse Books Great fun to read like all of Wodehouse's school stories 25/11/04 Match
The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Alexander McCall Smith Books A light-hearted book about Precious Ramotswe, who sets up The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Funny in an understated way. 25/11/04 Match
God's Debris Scott Adams Books Warning: Not a funny book. Quite disappointing: many ideas expressed here are trite and old. In the beginning Adams starts with a disclaimer that not everything that the Avatar says is true. However there is no indication at all from Adams that many of the outrageous statements that Avatar makes with complete confidence are false -- for example his assertion that there can be no shielding from magnetic fields, that the theory of evolution is a concept with no practical application, that we don't know how electricity propagates, a mumbo-jumbo explanation of probability and that gravity acts instantaneously. This book could have been much better. 25/11/04 Match
Vernon God Little DBC Pierre Books About a young boy accused of involvement in a school shooting in small-town Texas; supposed to be like Catcher in the Rye -- let's see. Update: I'm sorry, I just couldn't finish this. Too many characters that I simply disliked and stupid panty-obsessed protagonist whom you just want to shake. How could they have compared this to Catcher in the Rye? 05/11/04 Match
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Mark Haddon Books Wonderful story about an autistic kid; one of those books you can read in an hour and then want to read all over again. 01/11/04 Match
The Masqueraders Georgette Heyer Books Gender bending fun from the original (and best) Regency romance author 01/11/04 Match
Cloud Atlas David Mitchell Books Six different narratives woven together to create a sort of meta-narrative. Fascinating! 23/10/04 Match
Ladder 49 Jay Russell DVD Felt like I was watching an expanded version of a Reader's Digest article. Quite depressing. 23/10/04 Match
How to Solve It G. Polya Books Interesting book on the process of solving problems. 20/10/04 Match
The Terminal Steven Spielberg DVD Very entertaining! Requires some suspension of disbelief. 20/10/04 Match
How to Have a Beautiful Mind Edward de Bono Books Dad got me this book when I complained of being "bored". I suppose that's a pretty big hint to stop cribbing! Update: Still bored! 15/10/04 Match
The Chronicles of Riddick David Twohy DVD Epic space fantasy; Not good at all -- couldn't care less about the characters. 10/10/04 Match
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Michel Gondry DVD Beautiful, amazing movie!!! 08/10/04 Match
Brick Lane Monica Ali Books Just started. Update: I finally finished it. I thought it was just ok. Letters from the protagonist's sister were written in this pidgin English I found irritating (even though she was presumably writing in Bengali). But the ending was good and I respect Monica Ali for not making us hate Chanu, which would have been so easy to do. 06/10/04 Match
The Revenge of the Babysat Bill Watterson Books Hilarious as usual. 06/10/04 Match
Full Circle Henry Cecil Books Funny law stories; found them somewhat tedious. 05/10/04 Match
Innumeracy John Allen Paulos Books About mathematical illiteracy and its consequences. Even more relevant today. 02/10/04 Match
Back to the Future Robert Zemeckis DVD Very enjoyable. Nice to see where all the stereotypes come from. 02/10/04 Match
Munnabhai MBBS Rajkumar Hirani DVD A Sanjay Dutt movie that's actually funny. Even Dad liked it. 01/10/04 Match
Charlotte Sometimes Penelope Farmer Books Wonderful book that I first read when I was 7 or 8 and rediscovered. Time travel through a bed in a boarding school. 01/10/04 Match
O Jerusalem Laurie R. King Books Sherlock Holmes detective/spy spinoff 01/10/04 Match
To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee Books Beautiful coming of age story set in the American South 01/10/04 Match
The Birth of Venus Sarah Dunant Books A wonderful, sometimes disturbing book about love and art, set in Renaissance Florence 01/10/04 Match
The Double Life of Jane Austen Jane Aiken Hodge Books Borrowed this in Trichy; I found it strangely compelling mainly because of its subject but I'm sure there are better biographies of Jane Austen out there. 01/10/04 Match
Dr. Strangelove Stanley Kubrick DVD Black comedy about the atom bomb. Peter Sellers is so good I didn't realise he plays three roles! 01/10/04 Match