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The Hero with a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell Books Probably the best book on primordial story-telling. 25/05/08 Match
The Quiet American Graham Greene Books Everyone should read this book. 14/07/07 Match
The Jungle Books Rudyard Kipling Books Disney it ain't 06/03/07 Match
The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking Roger Waters Music These are the... 11/07/06 Match
Youth J.M. Coetzee Books From Aida 11/07/06 Match
Yukiko MacDonald Harris Books obscure 25/06/06 Match
Impro for Storytellers Keith Johnstone Books Yes, and? 08/03/06 Match
Making History Stephen Fry Books Back and Forth 08/03/06 Match
Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead Vivian Stanshall Music Maximatious Geniousity 12/01/06 Match
Lounge Against the Machine Richard Cheese Music Loungification 02/01/06 Match
Ginger Geezer: the Life of Vivian Stanshall Chris Welch, Lucian Randall Books Flung a Dummy 02/01/06 Match
Johnny Got His Gun Dalton Trumbo Books One 18/12/05 Match
The Cold Six Thousand James Ellroy Books It got real. 15/11/05 Match
McCarthy's Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland Pete McCarthy Books To be sure. 12/10/05 Match
Meet Mr Mulliner PG Wodehouse Books Well met by beerlight 28/08/05 Match
Unconditional Surrender Evelyn Waugh Books End of the Waugh Triology 03/08/05 Match
The Butcher and the Butterfly Queenadreena Music Ascending Stars 12/07/05 Match
Employment Kaiser Chiefs Music OMG 09/07/05 Match
Ultra Lounge Vol.7 (The Crime Scene) Various Artists Music The names have been changed to protect the innocent 25/06/05 Match
Officers and Gentlemen Evelyn Waugh Books More, more, glorious War 25/06/05 Match
Accents : A Manual for Acting Robert Blumenfeld Books How Now Brown Cow 20/06/05 Match
Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck Books Squeak bang 20/06/05 Match
The Crucible Arthur Miller Books A wild thing may say wild things. 23/04/05 Match
Annie Hall Woody Allen DVD Classic Anti-Romantic Comedy 10/04/05 Match
Men at Arms Evelyn Waugh Books War, war, glorious War 10/04/05 Match
Writing the Romantic Comedy Bill Mernit Books 09/04/05 Match
The Small Bachelor P.G. Wodehouse Books 04/04/05 Match
De-Loused in the Comatorium Mars Volta Music No longer At the Drive-In 13/03/05 Match
I Paint Pictures on a Wedding Dress Zita Swoon Music 19/02/05 Match
Amsterdam: The Brief Life of a City Geert Mak Books Geschiedenis 07/02/05 Match
Once More With Feeling: Singles 1996-2004 Placebo Music You press my button. Going down. 05/02/05 Match
Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand Music Why not, everyone else is 05/02/05 Match
The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Books Why not, everyone else is 24/01/05 Match
Tragedy Rocks The Crimea Music The Crocketts return from the grave 24/01/05 Match
Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs Noam Chomsky Books Not happy reading 05/01/05 Match
Return of the Bunny Suicides Andy Riley Books A work of philosophical genius 02/01/05 Match
We May Be Skinny and Wirey The Crocketts Music Will you still care? 28/12/04 Match
Rising for Sunset Gene Music Live album 18/12/04 Match
...At Last The Goodies DVD 08/12/04 Match
Life Is A Sexy Sanctuary Zita Swoon Music dEUS spin-off 03/12/04 Match
Hard Times Charles Dickens Books 27/11/04 Match
Stranger Than Fiction Bad Religion Music "Life is the crummiest book I ever read" 21/11/04 Match
Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out Mick Napier Books Insightful 21/11/04 Match
UFOs Are Coming Wednesday Eric Sykes Books Abandoned 18/11/04 Match
Black love The Afghan Whigs Music 13/11/04 Match
The Sound of the Suburbs Various Artists Music John Peel made me do it 08/11/04 Match
The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Books 08/11/04 Match
The Great Brain Robbery The Crocketts Music Be-yutiful 31/10/04 Match
Verkligen Kent Music My favourite album in Swedish 24/10/04 Match
Process of Belief Bad Religion Music 24/10/04 Match
Musical Improv Comedy Michael Pollock Books short and sweet. 24/10/04 Match
Various Simpsons Episodes The Simpsons VHS 24/10/04 Match
Gentlemen The Afghan Whigs Music 24/10/04 Match
Mansfield Park Jane Austen Books Research for a film. 24/10/04 Match