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Napoleon Dynamite Jon Heder DVD 06/01/05 Match
Garden State Zach Braff DVD 06/01/05 Match
Out of the Shadow The Rogue Wave Music lo-fi indie rock bliss 08/12/04 Match
Barenaked for the Holidays Barenaked Ladies Music excellent! 06/12/04 Match
Live at the Fillmore East June 1971 The Mothers Music Classic Zappa. Almost a comedy album, really. 02/12/04 Match
Angels & Demons Dan Brown Books Even better than Da Vinci Code! 01/12/04 Match
The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Books Couldn't put it down. 01/12/04 Match
The Slow Wonder A.C. Newman Music Very cool. 01/12/04 Match
Sling Blade Billy Bob Thornton DVD Captivating story. Thornton is amazing. 30/11/04 Match
Lord of the Rings trilogy Peter Jackson DVD Visually stunning, brilliantly acted and directed. 30/11/04 Match
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Mark Haddon Books Autistic boy sleuths death of neighbor's dog and learns about his own life. 30/11/04 Match
Everyone Is Here The Finn Brothers Music My favorite cd of the year. 29/11/04 Match
Gilmore Girls, Season One Warner Home Video DVD Witty writing, endearing characters! 29/11/04 Match
Chutes Too Narrow The Shins Music Modern Day Beach Boys Meet Radiohead 29/11/04 Match
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb U2 Music Their best in YEARS! 29/11/04 Match