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God's Politics Jim Wallis Books Subtitle: Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It. I just started this book on religion and politics but have found some powerful lines:"Our task should not be to invoke religion and the name of God by claiming God's blessing and endorsement for all our national policies and practices--saying, in effect, that God is on our side. Rather...we should pray and worry earnestly whether we are on God's side." "Many of us feel that our faith has been stolen, and it's time to take it back. In paticular, an enormous public misrepresentation of Christianity has taken place...How did the faith of Jesus come to be known as pro-rich, pro-war, and only pro-American?...It's time to take back our faith in the public square, especially in a time when a more authentic social witness is desperately needed." 07/05/05 Match
The Broker John Grisham Books A typical Grisham book. He found a formula and it works for him. This is one of those novels you can pick up and read in a couple days or so for light reading. I enjoyed it for what it is. 07/05/05 Match
Angels and Demons Dan Brown Books This novel came before The Da Vinci Code and has also been on the best sellers list for quite some time. Though it is not as layered as is the Da Vinci Code, and though it is not as detailed in history and research, it is an enjoyable book to read. My disappointment came, though, during the last 30 pages or so. At this point of the novel, it seemed like Brown was trying to put into the novel every possible twist. At one point, I felt like I was watching a "disaster movie" on television. If he had ended differently, the novel could have had a stronger and more interesting theme. As it ends,, though, his theme becomes muddled. Even so, I do recommend the novel as one that is fun to read. 07/03/05 Match
A Seahorse Year Stacey D'Erasmo Books I am only about 80 pages into this novel and, at this point, have mixed feelings. After reading several reviews, however, I will stay with it since some people say it is a book that pulls the reader in the farther he/she gets into the book. This is the story of an unconventional family that may not be so unconventional. It is the story of how Nan (a lesbian), Hal (her sperm donor), Marina (Nan's lover), Christoopher (Nan and Hal's son who is in the early stages of mental illness) and Tamara (Christopher's girl friend) cope with Christopher's illness and learn about themselves and each other through love and trials. Early in the novel Nan says, "You know what I keep thinking? How a family becomes a family when it falls apart. I feel like I know who we all are to one another now." The novel shows that they do not know who they are to one another. The book is a little melodramatic for my taste, so far, and the interior monologues "get on my nerves" a bit sometimes, but I feel it may be a book worth finishing. 01/02/05 Match
The Amateur Marriage Anne Tyler Books Up-date: I finished the book and recommend it. This is the story of two persons in a marriage that should never have taken place. The novel then explores the consequences of the mismatched couple over the course of three generationsthree generations. What most stands out for me so far is the use of detail to bring to life the setting as well as the marriage. 24/01/05 Match
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim David Sedaris Books A collection of humorous (most of the time) personal essays focusing on his family and husband. Sedaris takes moments in his ordinary life and raises them to the level of art. A fun book to read. 20/01/05 Match
Nightfall Nelson DeMille Books I was kind of disappointed in this novel. I have read others by DeMille and enjoyed them, but this one seemed to lack passion in the dialogue and to be in need of editing. DeMille attempts to reconstruct the TWA Fight 800 crash near Long Island and dismisses the official explanation for the many deaths. I like his ideas, but his writing just did not grab me as it has with other of his books. 09/01/05 Match