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Till We Have Faces C.S. Lewis Books The second read...was at least as good as the first. See last March's archives for a full analysis (though it would look a little different now, were I to take the time to write one). 05/03/06 Match
Fargo Cohen Brothers DVD I'm struck how one yielding to temptation begats countless more. I need to see the movie again, though, before I can do much more analysis. Hard to watch... 05/03/06 Match
Girl, Interrupted Susanna Kaysen Books For once, I think the movie is acutally better than the book, but there are a few gems in here that the movie misses 25/02/06 Match
The Displaced Person Flannery O'Conner Books What a fantastic little story about the board in my own eye 12/02/06 Match
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man Dostoevsky Books Quite the utopian piece, but with a strong taste of sin and repentance 12/02/06 Match
Everyday Apocalypse David Dark Books This book helps me to see the apocalyptic thread that runs through most of the media to which I respond. 12/02/06 Match
Captivating John and Stasi Eldredge Books I received this book as a Christmas present and am surprised to hear echoes of myself in it; especially the thoughts about beauty. 04/01/06 Match
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe C. S. Lewis and Walden Media DVD There is no story more captivating than this allegory of redemption. I thought the movie a tremendous success. 17/12/05 Match
For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway DVD Erika and I have often laughed at the grocery store here that uses a system of bells to signify different customer service issues. A huge sign at the front of the store explains exactly "For whom the bell tolls"... Do they even know that of which they speak? 17/12/05 Match
Only Human David Gushee Books My good doctor strikes again, on target as usual. 17/12/05 Match
Les Miserables Victor Hugo DVD many Bishops have come into my life? How many times have I stolen? How many repented? 17/12/05 Match
The Kingdom of Christ Russell Moore Books I read this book because I felt as though I had to--since my meeting with Dr. Moore was fast approaching. But this book helped me tie up so many of the ends of the fundamentalist/modernist controversy that were still quite loose in my mind. 17/12/05 Match
Spiritual Depression D. Martyn-Lloyd Books Courtesy of the Bakers 22/03/05 Match
Till We Have Faces C.S. Lewis Books This is Lewis' favorite among all his works 03/03/05 Match
Lancelot Walker Percy Books Suggested by Hunter 22/02/05 Match
Garden State Zach Braff DVD Very real. Very, very beautiful. 19/02/05 Match
Saved! Brian Dannelly DVD "MOLMM" with Sabrina and Randa 09/02/05 Match
I Robot Asimov/Vintar DVD "MOLMM" with Sabrina and Randa 09/02/05 Match
Signs M. Night Shyamalan DVD Part of the "Meaning of Life Movie Marathon" with Sabrina and Randa 09/02/05 Match
Striving Towards Being Thomas Merton and Czeslaw Milosz Books About solitude and solidarity, about writing and living and the difficulties of convergence 27/01/05 Match
The Advancement of Learning Francis Bacon Books 21/01/05 Match
The Twenty Years' Crisis E. H. Carr Books Excellent thesis material! 20/01/05 Match
Moby Dick Herman Melville Books I picked up the artlessly abridged version at an antique store for $1. I got what I paid for... 20/01/05 Match
The Village M. Night Shyamalan DVD Courtesy of Jeremiah and Ashleigh 17/01/05 Match
Fathers and Sons Ivan Turgenev Books The Russian novel that gave the "nihilist" a face and a name....Bazarov 17/01/05 Match
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader C. S. Lewis Books Courtesy of Craig 10/01/05 Match
Prince Caspian C. S. Lewis Books Courtesy of Craig 09/01/05 Match
The Horse and His Boy C. S. Lewis Books Courtesy of Craig 09/01/05 Match
Progress and Perfection Elisabeth Hansot Books I made contact with Mrs. Hansot regarding my thesis. She has been very kind and very helpful! 07/01/05 Match
New Atlantis Francis Bacon Books 07/01/05 Match
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe C. S. Lewis Books Courtesy of Craig 07/01/05 Match
The Magician's Nephew C. S. Lewis Books Courtesy of Craig 07/01/05 Match
Road-Side Dog Czeslaw Milosz Books Real poetry disguised as accidental... 15/12/04 Match
The Present Age Soren Kierkegaard Books Courtesy of Erika 13/12/04 Match
Ethan Frome Edith Wharton Books 13/12/04 Match
A Place to Stand Elton Trueblood Books Courtesy of Hunter 13/12/04 Match
Letters Mohandas Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy Books 13/12/04 Match
I and Thou Martin Buber Books 13/12/04 Match
A Pillar of Fire Karl Stern Books Courtesy of Hunter 13/12/04 Match
A Treatise on Poetry Czeslaw Milosz Books This little volume moved me inexplicably. It is the most beautiful piece I have ever read. 13/12/04 Match
Fear and Trembling Soren Kierkegaard Books I never realized that the story of Abraham and Issac could shake the very foundations... 13/12/04 Match
The Crucible Arthur Miller Books 13/12/04 Match
Unholy Alliance Marc Ellis Books 13/12/04 Match
The Cunning of History Richard Rubenstein Books Courtesy of Dr. Ellis 13/12/04 Match
The Grand Inquisitor Fyodor Dostoevsky Books From hence stems the title of this block...Dostoevsky fills the mouth of his character Ivan with the perennial questions of theodicy. 13/12/04 Match
Moral Man and Immoral Society Reinhold Niebuhr Books 13/12/04 Match
Frankenstein Mary Shelley Books Courtesy of Sabrina 13/12/04 Match
Utopia Thomas More Books My enemy, my friend. Thou crashest my computer and with it my hopes for thy coming. Utopia is nowhere... 13/12/04 Match
The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath Books 13/12/04 Match
The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Mark Noll Books Courtesy of Dr. Hankins 13/12/04 Match
A Century of Genocide Eric Weitz Books My very first publication: a review of this book in the Journal of Church and State 13/12/04 Match
The City of the Sun Tommaso Campanella Books 13/12/04 Match
Brave New World Aldous Huxley Books 13/12/04 Match
Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom Books Courtesy of Spencer 13/12/04 Match
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson Books Courtesy of Erika 13/12/04 Match
An Unquiet Mind Kay Redfield Jamison Books Courtesy of Randa 13/12/04 Match
1984 George Orwell Books 13/12/04 Match