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Lady Of War's rank is: Feminine Princess, gathered from 80 people.
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Red right hand Nick Cave Music 27/01/03 Match
Nun te scurdą Almamegretta Music 27/01/03 Match
I'll be your mirror Velvet Underground Music 27/01/03 Match
Il cielo sopra Berlino Wim Wenders DVD 20/01/03 Match
Vuoto d'amore Alda Merini Books 19/01/03 Match
Last horse on the sand Dirty Three Music 19/01/03 Match
May nothing but happiness come through your door Mogwai Music 19/01/03 Match
Lisa says Lou Reed Music 19/01/03 Match
Roads Portishead Music 13/01/03 Match
Soul kitchen The Doors Music 12/01/03 Match
Cup of coffee Garbage Music 12/01/03 Match
The end The Doors Music 10/01/03 Match
Due di due Andrea De Carlo Books 09/01/03 Match
Ainda Madredeus Music 09/01/03 Match
What your soul sings Massive Attack Music 09/01/03 Match
Grace Jeff Buckley Music 06/01/03 Match
Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin Music 05/01/03 Match
Medley Piaf:Je n'en connais pas la fin/Hymne ą l'amour live at Bataclan Jeff Buckley Music 02/01/03 Match
Se sapessi come fai Luigi Tenco Music 01/01/03 Match
Last goodbye Jeff Buckley Music 01/01/03 Match
Le affinitą elettive Goethe Books 31/12/02 Match
Raindrop prelude Chopin Music 31/12/02 Match
Nocturne for violin and piano Chopin Music 31/12/02 Match
Persephone Cocteau Twins Music 30/12/02 Match
Je n'en connais pas la fin Jeff Buckley Music 29/12/02 Match
Solitude Billie Holiday Music 28/12/02 Match
Boys don't cry The Cure Music 27/12/02 Match
For my fallen angel My Dying Bride Music 27/12/02 Match
Gymnopedie #3 Erik Satie Music 26/12/02 Match
Tutto su mia madre Pedro Almodovar DVD 26/12/02 Match
When Vincent Gallo Music 26/12/02 Match
I against I Jeff Buckley Music 26/12/02 Match
The black angel's death song Velvet Underground & Nico Music 26/12/02 Match
Resto qua Vinicio Capossela Music 26/12/02 Match
As brumas do futuro Madredeus Music 26/12/02 Match
Underground Emir Kusturica DVD 26/12/02 Match
Les fleures du mal Charles Baudelaire Books 26/12/02 Match