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Deliver Us From Evil David Baldacci Books Hunting down the world's worst murderers and thugs brings together two disparate agencies as they both struggle to topple a former KGB enforcer. Fast paced, full of action and suspense, another gread read by Baldacci. 24/02/11 Match
Dogsbody Diana Wynne Jones Books First read this in the mid 80's and have been searching for it ever since. When a luminous star is convicted of murder and sent to earth in the body of a dog, he struggles to redeem himself and prove his innocence. A fun read and great find. 10/02/11 Match
Dreamcatcher Stephen King Books Incredibly long but also a good read from the master of horror, macabre, and altogether unreal fiction. Aliens, the military, and a cadre of special friends make this a fun book to read. 07/02/11 Match
Damaged Alex Kava Books In the midst of a Category 5 hurricane, an ice chest filled with human body parts is recovered, unleashing a manhunt for a killer. A connection between a mysterious body parts supplier reveals the ugly truth about money and murder. 28/01/11 Match
Mercycle Piers Anthony Books A very fun book by one of the giants of the Sci-fi genre, Mercycle takes you under the sea on an adventure to save planet Earth from destruction. A captivating read that keeps you turning page after page. 23/01/11 Match
Honor Bound W.E.B. Griffin Books WWII tale of espionage in neutral Argentina pits estranged father and son against Nazi sympathizers to make a fast paced and fun read. 21/01/11 Match
Moment of Truth Lisa Scottoline Books Another fast paced legal thriller-a father comes home to find his wife murdered and assumes his troubled daughter to be the killer so he stages the scene and confesses to the crime. But his unlikely lawyer doesn't believe him and pulls out all the stops to uncover the truth. 05/01/11 Match
The Lost Symbol Dan Brown Books Famed symbologist Robert Langdon returns in this fast paced thriller. When a madman forces him on a quest to solve the secret mystery of the Masons, Langdom must evade the CIA, the madman himself, and the police to uncover the secret and save his friends life. 01/01/11 Match
Robert Ludlum's The Paris Option Robert Ludlum & Gayle Lynds Books A DNA computer, capable of beating every known computer security and faster than any other computer ever, is being used to launch terror strikes and change the dynamics of geopolitical relations. Only the Covert One team can ward off disaster in this fast paced, classic Ludlum novel. 28/12/10 Match
Final Target Iris Johansen Books When thieves endanger the president's daughter with a daring raid for a priceless family heirloom, she goes into a deep psychosis. The man who saved her life now must help bring her back and avoid getting killed in the process. Another fun, fast read. 05/12/10 Match
Term Limits Vince Flynn Books When America's biggest enemies are it's own politicians, a group of former commandos takes matters into their own hands to try to stop the maddness through coercion and political assassination. Another fast, fun read by Flynn. 29/11/10 Match
Just After Sunset Stephen King Books Another fine collection of tales from the master of the wierd and unsettling. A good, quick read for when you want more out of 500 pages than just one story. 20/11/10 Match
Rough Justice Lisa Scottoline Books What does a nationally renowned, high powered defense attorney do when she knows an acquittal is coming and her client admits he's a murderer do? Fight like hell to get him convicted, especially when he turns his sights on her. A breath taking read and compelling story. Well done. 13/11/10 Match
Capture Robert K. Tanenbaum Books Fast paced legal thriller- local Da with daughter in the CIA and a vigilante wife all get twisted into an international intrigue with terrorists, ex-Soviet gangsters and an underground nutcase. Quite a well woven tale. 07/11/10 Match
The Tujunga Canyon Contacts Ann Druffel & D. Scott Rogo Books Retelling of a series of purported alien contacts in the Tujunga Canyons near LA dating back to the 1950's. A mediocre report with less than satisfactory author conclusions. 07/11/10 Match
The Broken Window Jeffery Deaver Books Frightening murder mystery that shows how our era of data collection can be used to tear apart the lives of anyone by those with the keys to the data. 24/10/10 Match
Dangerous Fortune Ken Follet Books Following the family of one of England's richest banking class reveals the full breadth of humanity. This generational drama has it all- love, deceit, greed, ego, loss- you name it. As with Pillars of the Earth, Follet creates credible historical fiction with a compelling narrative. 11/10/10 Match
Fair Warning George E. Simpson and Neal R. Burger Books An historical "what if" poses a mission to warn the Japanese about the atomic bomb just days before it was to be unleashed. Hatched in the highest offices of the US government, the plan is both audacious and humanitarian in scope, but will it ever work? A first rate piece of fiction. 11/10/10 Match
If Every Month Were June Tony Bender Books Comedic tale about one man's quest for love and the crazy places it takes him. A laugh out loud page turner and fun, quick read. 22/09/10 Match
The Eagle Has Landed Jack Higgins Books Tale of a WWII Nazi plan to infiltrate the English coast in an attempt to kidnap-or kill- WInston Churchill. A page turning, fast paced adventure of espionage. 20/09/10 Match
Memorial Day Vince Flynn Books CIA counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp returns to stave off a nuclear attack on America. A fun, fast read that has you turning pages faster than an episode of 24. 13/09/10 Match
The True Story of Hansel and Gretel Louise Murphy Books Taking from the classic fairy tale, Murphy creates a modern day story of war and survival- her Hansel and Gretel are Jewish-Polish children fighting to survive the Nazi's in occupied Poland. A well crafted and wrenching novel of survival and discovery and strength. 06/09/10 Match
Whitley Strieber's Aliens Various authors, edited by Whitley Strieber Books Compendium of mediocre stories with aliens as the central theme. Not particularly engrossing, but still ok for passing time. 31/08/10 Match
Till Death Do Us Part Vincent Bugliosi Books True life crime story about murder for money killers in LA in the late 1960's. Bugliosi, as lead DA, crafts a compelling tale of how circumstantial evidence can be enough to convict. 22/08/10 Match
For Love of Evil Piers Anthony Books The 6th in the Incarnations of Immortality series introduces us to medieval sorcerer turned priest Parry who inadvertently takes the place of Satan and rules as its finest master for over 700 years. A fine addition to the series and a nice find. 06/08/10 Match
The Limits of Justice John Morgan Wilson Books Disgraced journalist gets hired to uncover the truth about a hollywood icon in this interesting mystery. 06/08/10 Match
Roadside Crosses Jeffrey Deaver Books Technology creates inflated egos...especially in the world of the blog. But is ego enough to kill for? Enter this twisted tale of treachery and deceit as a popular political blogger's website becomes the center point for a murderous rampage. 29/07/10 Match
Guardian of Lies Steve Martini Books Combine cold war russian nukes, escaped islamic prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, Columbian rebels and the CIA and you get this international intrigue sure to keep you turning each page. 17/07/10 Match
True Blue David Baldacci Books Former cop framed and imprisoned does her time and uncovers a rogue plot to fund terrorists perpetrated by US intelligence leaders in an effort to clear her name. 01/07/10 Match
The Gate House Nelson DeMille Books Twisted love triangle turns deadly in this action packed novel. A fun read. 19/06/10 Match
The Silent Man Alex Berenson Books Secret Agent John Wells is called on againto save America from those who wish to destroy it. This time, Wells is pitted against Islamic terrorists with a small nuclear device. Can Wells stop the nuclear holocaust in time or will the enemies of America strike a fatal blow? 31/05/10 Match
A Most Wanted Man John Le Carre Books An ungainly slush fund sits idle for aging British banker yearns for a life of whimsy...a young Muslim stands to reap the rewards but doesn't seem to care. And in the middle of all this sits several secret agencies of several countries, all trying to control the scene. 29/05/10 Match
ROgue Warrior: Dictator's Ransom Richard Marcinko & Jim DeFelice Books North Korea's dictator demands the services of famous ex-secret agent turned spy novelist to find his missing son and heir apparent to the country's government. But the task isn't what it seems and quickly becomes a deadly game. 29/05/10 Match
Tom CLancey's Splinter Cell: End Game David Michaels Books Based on the popular video game series, End Game creates a Splinter Cell team to find and capture one of their own rogue agents. A page turning adventure that will keep you reading. 02/05/10 Match
Whiplash Dale Brown & Jim DeFelice Books Fast paced action thriller that sets US spies in motion to stop a rogue Iranian nuclear plot. 26/04/10 Match
One Shot Lee Child Books Ex-military hero Jack Reacher returns to bury an old nemesis, only to find out that the man is actually innocent of a crime. Reacher finds himself paired with a group whose only goal is the truth- even if it means Reacher must put away long held grudges. 11/04/10 Match
Water for Elephants Sara Gruen Books Reliving his memories as a circus vet, a 93 year old man in a nursing home tells a tale of life on the circus train. A moving story of love, honor, and adventure in early 1900's America. 04/04/10 Match
Fractured Karen Slaughter Books Murder mystery genre-fast paced story keeps the reader involved in this kidnapping-murder tale. Another quick read. 28/03/10 Match
Night of Thunder Stephen Hunter Books Set in the midst of a NASCAR showdown, a reporter on the hunt for the big story becomes enmeshed in a spectacular criminal enterprise, only to be targeted for deat. A fast and fun read. 21/03/10 Match
Einstein's Refrigerator and Other Stories from the Flip Side of History Steve Silverman Books Collection of odd tales and trivia in short story format. Fun, quick reads. 17/03/10 Match
Blood Memory Greg Iles Books The truth can set you free...or so believes Catherine Ferry as her involvement in a murder case dovetails with her own childhood of abuse. The truth may set her free, but that doesn't mean that getting it will keep you alive. A fun, fast read-each page is filled with action. 11/03/10 Match
The Darwin Awards II Wendy Northcutt Books More tales of ineptitude-perfect for the short time reader as well as those with plenty of time to kill. 11/03/10 Match
Where Are You Now? Marry Higgins Clark Books Mystery genre-after 10 years missing, a long lost brother appears to resurface in the shadows to be fingered as a potential serial killer. But the truth about those closest to the family turns dark in the end. 06/03/10 Match
Moscow Rules Daniel Silva Books Action packed spy thriller pits Mossad agent across the globe in an effort to stop another terrorist strike on the US and Israel. 06/03/10 Match
The Darwin Awards 4 Wendy Northcutt Books Collection of stories about those individuals who have received accolades in the form of the Darwin Awards. Amusing short reading moments. 25/02/10 Match
The Angel of Darkness Caleb Carr Books Turn of the century (20th) mystery thriller about a murderous woman who touches many of the famous names of the day. A bit long-winded, but still a fun read. 25/02/10 Match
First Daughter Eric Van Lustbader Books When the president-elect's daughter is kidnapped, theb brainwashed, only the country's best undercover agent can bring her home and save the day. Somewhat "24"-ish in style and pacing, still a good read. 06/02/10 Match
The SIgma Protocol Robert Ludlum Books Ludlum is the master of international intrigue, writing another page turner with The Sigma Protocol. At the end of WWII, remnants of the Third Reich join with the worlds major industrialists to forge a secret corporation to rule the world, but their newest aim at immortality proves to be their undoing. 19/01/10 Match
The Assassin Stephen Coonts Books Another standard spy-genre novel to pass the time. Well written, good action, a fine read. 08/01/10 Match
People of the Nightland W. Michael Gear & Kathleen O'Neal Gear Books One of a series of books that chronical the lives of North America's first human inhabitants over 13,000 years ago. Tale of warring tribes and opposing religious visions during a global warming period. Well written and a good read. 26/12/09 Match
Scarpetta Patricia Cornwell Books Forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta returns along to solve a murder in NYC. Complicating matters is the manner in which her "old gang" has changed and then reunited in another great book in the series. 15/12/09 Match
Swan Peak James Lee Burke Books New Orleans detective can't seem to get away from the job. While taking a rest in Montana, he and his old partner stumble upon, then become targets of, a deadly and dirty scheme. 03/12/09 Match
The Bourne Sanction Eric Van Lustbader Books Continuing with Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne character, this time Bourne comes back to stop a terrorist plot against America, but as usual, the line between friend and foe is fine and fickle. Another great Bourne tale for the collection. 16/11/09 Match
Smoke Screen Sandra Brown Books Former foes unite to clear their names and untangle a web of deceit and lies that ended in murder. 04/11/09 Match
The Orpheus Deception David Stone Books Spy drama that pits Serbian warlords against CIA has beens in a plot to save the country from a purported biological attack. Fast paced thriller that is also a fast paced read. 27/10/09 Match
The Reapers John Connoly Books Retired assassins seek revenge on each other in this action packed thriller. 15/10/09 Match
Sunday's Silence Gina B. Nahai Books When a backwoods preacher dies, his illegitimate son turned international reporter returns to the Kentucky backwoods to unravel the tale of his own complicated life. 03/10/09 Match
A Prisoner of Birth Jeffrey Archer Books After being falsly accused of murder, a man finds a serendipitous exit from prison, whereby he redeems himself while befalling fortune. 23/09/09 Match
Heyday Kurt Andersen Books Set in the mid 1840's, we follow the lives of four charismatic and sometimes disturbing people as they first meet and then travel west from New York to the gold fields of California. A pleasant read and good characters. 13/09/09 Match
Spy Ted Bell Books When dark forces gather against America along her southern flank, what can avert the sneak attack that will bring down the country? This fast paced tale of terrorism and espionage will make you wonder how much is fiction and what might be fact. 30/08/09 Match
The Interpretation of Murder Jed Rubenfeld Books Set in turn of the century New York (1909), renowned psychiatrist Sigmund Freud finds himself tangentially involved in a murder mystery in the midst of a series of lectures during his only trip to America. FIlled with twists and turns, this was a fun read. 19/08/09 Match
Brethren Robyn Young Books Set in the time of the Templars, a sect within the sect has a secret worth dying for. But in the midst of losing Holy Land territory to the Muslim armies, will the secret ever come to pass? 09/08/09 Match
Critical Mass Whitley Strieber Books When Islamic extremists detonate nuclear bombs in Las Vegas and Rome, the world wonders who will stop them. This fast paced action thriller almost seems too real at times, but makes it a fun, quick read. 20/07/09 Match
The Lost Constitution William Martin Books Think "National Treasure" meets "Da Vinci Code" and you've got the gist of this page-turner. Martin weaves an exciting tale that travels the country's history in search of an original first draft of the Constitution. 12/07/09 Match
Great Ages of Man: Age of Kings Charles Blitzer & Time Life Books Books COntinuing through the years of western history, the Age of Kings details the rise of the nation-states of Europe, from their monarchical origins towards their more democratic dispositions. 05/07/09 Match
Black Out Lisa Unger Books Twisted tale of murder and psychological trauma as told by the confused mind of a multiple personality. This story is full of twists and turns and will keep you reading long into the night. 27/06/09 Match
Great Ages of Man: Age of Faith Anne Fremantle & Time Life Books Books Revisiting the Middle Ages when religion ruled Europe and societies formed in the wake of the destruction of the Roman Empire. 12/06/09 Match
In the Blink of an Eye Wendy Corsi Staub Books Murder mystery in a town of paranormal experts and practitioners creates a tale of twists and turns that will keep you reading. A fun story. 07/06/09 Match
Nothing to Lose Lee Child Books When a stranger gets tossed from a small midwest town, he stops at nothing to uncover their sescret, and perhaps saves the world from war in the process. 31/05/09 Match
Loves Music, Loves To Dance Mary Higgins Clark Books Typical fare by this author, but still entertaining and keeps you guessing up to the end. A nice, fune, quick read. 18/05/09 Match
First Team: Fires of War Larry Bond and Jim DeFelice Books Modern day espionage thriller that has Korean patriots willing to do anything to reunite their country and avenge the Japanese who ravaged their country in WWII. 13/05/09 Match
The Senator and the Priest Andrew M. Greeley Books Political character sketch and family discord mark a well written story. 09/05/09 Match
The Righteous Men Sam Bourne Books In the wake of Dan Brown comes Sam Bourne with a religious-themed thriller pulled from the ancient myths of Judaism. Well writen and fast read, this was a fun book. 01/05/09 Match
Simple Genius David Baldacci Books Spy genre thriller- Baldacci does a good job creating intrigue while intertwining science and codes and secret government installations. 01/05/09 Match
Candy Cane Murder Joanne Fluke-Laura Levine-Leslie Meier Books Three mystery stories in one-all themed around Christmas and candy canes...quick, interesting stories to pass the time. 13/04/09 Match
Pleading Guilty Scott Turrow Books When a law firm partner goes missing with over 5 million dollars, a firm flunkie is sent on his trial, only to discover he's not the flunkie they thought he was. With many twists and turns, this is another great read. 29/03/09 Match
Trevayne Robert Ludlum Books Another classic Ludlum has a civilian businessman assigned by the president to shake up the nation's military spending. When he opens up that Pandora's box, the real power brokers quiver at what he may find. Another great read from Ludlum. 15/03/09 Match
Death Watch Elizabeth Forrest Books A sadistic unscrupulous doctor...a tenacious reporter...all collide in a virtual reality thriller that keeps you turning every page. 24/02/09 Match
The Best of The Best of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader The Bathroom Readers Institute Books Yet another compendium of useful trivia to wile away the time at the porcelan god. I love Uncle John's bathroom readers, and you will too. 21/02/09 Match
Christmas Cookie Murder Leslie Meier Books Light reading mystery tale featuring amateur detective Lucy Stone as she unravels another mystery. Fun read. 01/02/09 Match
Chameleon Shirley Kennett Books Psychotic thriller sends single mother-cyber sleuth on the hunt of a serial killer who in turn stalks her right back-only in this case, the killer is just a kid. 17/01/09 Match
The Chancellor Manuscript Robert Ludlum Books Classic pre-Bourne Ludlum that keeps you turning the pages. When a doctorate candidate's historical thesis is rejected, he turns to writing fiction. Then he is unknowingly recruited to help solve the mysterious disappearance of J.Edgar Hoover's secret files. The following intrigue makes it hard to keep his sanity...and his life. 08/01/09 Match
The Third Twin Ken Follet Books Genetic tinkering to build a perfect race creates a moral and legal nightmare for the genetic firm that started it all. A classic thriller from Follet. 17/12/08 Match
The Tetramachus Collection Philippe Van Rjndt Books When a secret WWII archive is stolen from the Vatican, international players seek to retrieve it for it's wealth of valuable information. 17/12/08 Match
The Vig John Lescroart Books Murder-mystery whodunnit that takes twists at every turn. Lescroart does another fine job with the genre. 30/11/08 Match
Praetorian Thomas Gifford Books Spy-adventure thriller wrapped around a love story set in WWII Europe. Full of action and romance and intrigue, with plenty of war action. 16/11/08 Match
An Isolated Incident Susan R. Sloan Books Murder on a small island leaves a community in a shambles. When a suspect is caught, will his past predict his future or is some other secret waiting to be revealed? A good read, typical of the genre. 28/10/08 Match
Brotherhood of the TOmb Daniel Easterman Books ALong the lines of The Da Vinci Code, this tale of mystery provides an alternate story to the death of Christ, one that a secret organization will go to no ends to keep the secret. A fun, fast read. 19/10/08 Match
Undercurrents RIdley Pearson Books Murder mystery set in Seattle. Pretty typical for the genre, but a fun read nevertheless. 19/10/08 Match
Funeral March Frank De Felitta Books Twisted murderer with a passion for Hitchcock films re-enacts the masters thrillers in real life. A real who-dunnit to the end. 28/09/08 Match
The Cry of the Halidon Robert Ludlum Books Classic Ludlum. Set in the Jamaican outback, a survey crew is torn between British Intelligence, a global financial cartel, and native islanders in a sturggle for Jamaican independence. 14/09/08 Match
The Anderson Tapes Lawrence Sanders Books Described from the perspective of secret recordings and interviews, this is a tale of murder, burglary, and intrigue. A quick read and an interesting format. 01/09/08 Match
The Odyssey Homer- translation W.H.D.Rouse Books The oldest novel ever put to print- this ancient tale is always a great read from the humble beginning to its epic end. 27/08/08 Match
Seize The Night Sherrilyn Kenyon Books One of the Dark-Hunter series, and the first of her novels I've read. Very entertaining and fast moving tale where the gods of ancient earth still pull the strings in the lives of mortals. 02/08/08 Match
The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks Books Expose written in the aftermath of Watergate describing the means and mores of America's secret covert organization. Actually censored by the US government and complete with the deleted portions highlighted. 30/07/08 Match
White GHosts Will Rhode Books Strange character study set in pre-Handover Hong Kong. An odd tale to be sure and certainly not for the more casual reader. 19/07/08 Match
Fire and Fog Dianne Day Books It's 1906 and Fremont Jones, our heroine, likes to buck convention. Her independent nature leads her into the middle of a smuggling-murder plot set in the middle of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. A pleasant read for mystery buffs. 15/07/08 Match
Killing the Shadows Val McDermid Books Psychological thriller that pits foresnic psychologist against a killer bent on eliminating crime writers, one of whom is her lover. 13/07/08 Match
Gone But Not Forgotten Phillip Margolin Books Well writen mystery story with a twist in just the right places. 02/07/08 Match
Gone Jonathan Kellerman Books Another fine mystery with Dr. Alex Delaware with a classic twist in the end. Well done and a good, fast read 17/06/08 Match
World Without End Ken Follet Books Master storyteller Ken Follet takes us back again to medieval England and Kingsbrisge, the setting for his accalaimed work, Pilalrs of the Earth. This tale begins 200 years after the last and follows the descendants of the original tales main characters. A fantastic follow up that was years in the making. 09/06/08 Match
The World's Last Mysteries Readers Digest (compilation) Books Fantastic (if slightly out of date-1976) compilation of the ancient mysteries of the world- from all corners of the globe, this book details the fantastic accomplishments of long lost civilizations and shows how advanced "primitive" cultures really were. 10/05/08 Match
Paris Trout Pete Dexter Books Set in the Deep South in the days of segregation, this is a tale of murder and insanity. An interesting read. 05/05/08 Match
The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower Stephen King Books In the conclusion to King's epic tale, Roland's band of gunslingers take their final steps towards the Dark Tower and what future awaits them. 17/04/08 Match
The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah Stephen King Books Six in the series has our ka-tet (now of five) dispersed along the path of thebeam. Each seeks to fulfill their mission while trying to find a way back to each other. 07/04/08 Match
The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla Stephen King Books FIfth in the series has Roland and his ka-tet defending a town on the edge of Mid-World. The worlds held apart by the tower are more rapidly converging as the quartet continues their journey. 02/04/08 Match
The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass Stephen King Books Fourth in the series takes us back to the youth of Roland and his beginnings as a real gunslinger. Another compelling read that almost reads itself. 25/03/08 Match
The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands Stephen King Books Third in the series follows the trio as they reunite with their fourth member of their ka-tet and continue their journey towards the Dark Tower. 25/03/08 Match
The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the THree Stephen King Books Second in the series, where Roland the Gunslinger and his first two companions meet. 25/03/08 Match
Thirteen Days Robert F. Kennedy Books Account of the Cuban Missile Crisis from one of they incidents key players. A fantastic first hand look at one of recent history's most trying moments. 27/02/08 Match
The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger Stephen King Books The first of the epic Dark Tower story, one of King's greatest tales. 27/02/08 Match
Three Complete Novels Dean Koontz Books Three tales of horror and intrigue from one of the genres best selling writers. All good reads to pass the time. 25/02/08 Match
Black Wind Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler Books International espionage and intrigue mark the path towards biological terrorism in this action filled novel. 16/02/08 Match
The Oath John Lescroart Books Medical murder mystery that pits longtime friends against each other in the search for truth. 16/02/08 Match
The King of Torts John Grisham Books Good legal mystery by one of the genre's masters. 24/01/08 Match
Born Standing Up Steve Martin Books AN icon to me since childhood, Martin's (auto)biography [his description] shares the life he has led and the dedication to his craft that is both inspiring and amazing in its determination. Touching, funny, and self-aware, this is a great read indeed. 17/01/08 Match
Outlander Diana Gabaldon Books A love story with the twist of time travel. An interesting read, with a lot of dialogue in Scottish brogue- great for practicing your "voices." 17/01/08 Match
UNcle John's CUriously Compelling Bathroom Reader Bathroom Readers Institute Books This 19th annual compendium of curiousoties is an annual favorite of mine, and always has a place by the throne. FOr voracious readers who love a little bit of information while wiling away the moments, any of the BRI books will do the trick! 17/01/08 Match
The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald Books Rereading books for pleasure that you were once forced to read for a grade can shed new light on old works. With his timeless characters, Fitzgerald crafts a fine tale of the human condition. 02/01/08 Match
Next Michael Crichton Books The world of genetic research and ownership is fraught with perils and major societal implications. Crichton takes many real-life threads to extreme ends to point out the problems incurred when mankind's knowledge outpaces his evolution. 22/12/07 Match
Empire Orson Scott Card Books When terrorists take out the White Hosue, America's fractured political psyche breaks down and a second civil war looms. A gripping tale of what could be. 15/12/07 Match
Great Ages of Man: Ancient Egypt Lionel Casson & Time Life Books Books One of Earths first great civilizations and the fount from which human ingenuity sprung forth, ancient Egypt offers a basis for understanding our modern world. 15/12/07 Match
Great Ages of Man: Imperial Rome Moses Hadas & Time Life Books Books From Republic to Empire, ancient Rome holds many keys to life today. Wherever you read about it, this is a topic for all ages. 15/12/07 Match
Great Ages of Man: Classical Greece C. M. Bowra & Time Life Books Books Revisiting my childhood where I spent hours pouring over the pictures and captions of ancient history. Now I've read the text, which offers a comprehensive accounting of the role and history of Ancient Greece, the forerunner of western civilization. 12/11/07 Match
Thomas Jefferson Joyce Appleby Books Well crafted biography of our 3rd president and founding father. Jefferson's dichotomy between thought and practice reveal a remarkable human condition that espoused freedom and pushed us towards our present character. 12/11/07 Match
Up Country Nelson DeMille Books Retired Vietnam vet is sent back to uncover the mystery of a 30 year old murder. 17/10/07 Match
The Summer of 1787 David O. Stewart Books Fantastic look at the Constitutional convention of 1787- Stewart brings history to life in this must read account of America's constitutional birth. 17/10/07 Match
The Shawnees and the War for America Colin G. Calloway Books Tragic tale of the Shawnee's of America and their plight to retain Native American dominance in the early years of America 30/09/07 Match
The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears Theda Perdue & Michael D. Green Books Historical account of the Cherokee nation and its relentless destruction during the founding of the USA 30/09/07 Match
The Testament Eric Van Lustbader Books Da Vinci Codesque thriller- leader of ancient secret Christian group dies leaving his son to pipck up where he left off. 22/09/07 Match
What Were They Thinking? The 100 Dumbest Events In Television History David Hofstede Books Countdown format guide the reader through TV's worst blunders. Fun filler book. 26/08/07 Match
The Genesis Code John Case Books Well written mystery that intertwines religion, biology, murder, and genetics. A good read. 26/08/07 Match
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows J.K. Rowling Books A fine finish to the wizarding series, especially after a dismal 6th effort. Rowling fills this final duel between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort with plenty of action and suspense, leaving the final outcome uncertain until the last pages. 18/08/07 Match
Flesh and Blood Jonathan Kellerman Books Another whodunnit that will keep you turning page after page. A phsychiatrist is tasked with solving the death of a former patient. 18/08/07 Match
A Simple Plan Scott Smith Books What would you do if you found $4 million in cash? Murder? A wonderfully fast and exciting read. 07/08/07 Match
Double Homicide Faye & Jonathan Kellerman Books This book writing duo and real-life married couple team up for a delightful pair of detective mysteries in this double book. 07/08/07 Match
The Big Picture Douglas Kennedy Books Fast paced thriller about a man whose life changes forever when he kills his wife's romancer. 29/07/07 Match
Robert Ludlum's The Moscow Vector Patrick Larkin Books Classic Ludlum-esque style of espionage and intrigue. 29/07/07 Match
Cold Service Robert Parker Books Private-I Spenser in another mystery case. This time, pay-back is the key. 15/07/07 Match
The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk David Ambrose Books Fantastic page turner on the breaking edge of genetic manipulation for governmental ends. A great read! 04/07/07 Match
Metzger's Dog Thomas Perry Books Fast paced intrigue thriller with plenty of twists and turns. 26/06/07 Match
Executive Power Vince Flynn Books Another tale of international intrigue with American counterterrorism ace Mitch Rapp. A good, quick read. 30/05/07 Match
The Book of Fate Brad Meltzer Books Twisting and turning with every new page, this mystery who-dunnit is good, but not great. 26/05/07 Match
A Respectable Trade Philippa Gregory Books Set in late 18th century Bristol, the slave trade is waning but not yet gone. A human and sometimes humane look at the evils of slavery and the corruptibility of all who it touched. 26/05/07 Match
American Theocracy Kevin Phillips Books Former Republican strategist decries the transformation of conservatism in this critical condemnation of American oil dependence, religiousity, and increasing debt. A stark look at the path chosen by American leadership. 17/05/07 Match
The Matarese Circle Robert Ludlum Books Before there was Bourne there was Brandon Scofield. A classic espionage tale from the master of the genre. 05/04/07 Match
Mysteries of the Middle Ages:The Rise of Feminism, Science, & Art from the Cults of Catholic Europe Thomas Cahill Books Compelling glimpse into the shaping of Western Religion and Philosophy during the middle ages. Sheds new insight for modern minds. 05/04/07 Match
The Freemasons Jasper Ridley Books Informative look at Freemasonry, it's origins and it's history around the world. 05/03/07 Match
Bearing An Hourglass Piers Anthony Books 2nd in the Incarnations of Immortality series, this is the tale of Chronos, the Keeper of Time. Another interesting read that makes you think while you enjoy the story. 11/02/07 Match
Wielding A Red Sword Piers Anthony Books Another of the Incarnations of Immortality series, this tells the tale of Mars, the Incarnation of War. Another great read from this series. 03/02/07 Match
You Shall Know Them Vercors Books What makes a human a human? As archeologists seek out the origins of man, they encounter a modern day missing link. The race is on to decide where they fall in the family tree. 03/02/07 Match
Consent To Kill Vince Flynn Books Like TV's '24' in print. Fast paced, action packed, edge of your seat international thriller. 03/02/07 Match
The Camel Club David Baldacci Books A quirky gruop of talented old timers track down the mystery behind a terror plot. 13/01/07 Match
Angels & Demons Dan Brown Books Precursor to The Da VInci Files, this fast paced page turner again brings an alternative point of view to the bridge between science and religion and the forces that both bind and repel them from each other. A great read. 31/12/06 Match
False Impression Jeffrey Archer Books Priceless art lies at the heart of this fast paced action thriller. A good and quick read. 28/12/06 Match
The Last Templar Raymond Khoury Books Like the Da Vinci Code, this novel entertwines age-old mystery with present day in a tale that examines the roots of Christianity. A good, fast read. 22/12/06 Match
Wizard's First Rule Terry Goodkind Books FIrst in a series, this sci-fi novel is fast paced and a great read. 17/12/06 Match
The Death Collectors Jack Kerley Books Murder mystery that delves into the strange world of collectors of murder memoribalia 26/11/06 Match
Son of the Morning Star Evan S. Connell Books Historical observations surrounding Custer's Last Stand 26/11/06 Match
A Confederacy of Dunces John Kennedy Toole Books Farcical novel set in New Orleans that will tickle your funny bone with its absurdity. 09/10/06 Match
The Forever King Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy Books Entertaining, fantastical tale about the neverending realm of the famed King Arthur. A recommended read and a nice break. 24/09/06 Match
Dead Even Brad Meltzer Books Page turning court drama that pits husband and wife lawyers against each other. 31/08/06 Match
The Bourne Legacy Eric Van Lustbader Books Reviving the Jason Bourne character, this thriller does honor to Ludlum's creation in a fast paced, action packed page turner. If you liked the original, you'll like this too. 23/08/06 Match
The Rule of Four Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason Books I you liked Da Vinci's Code, you'll enjoy this action packed mystery. Smarter and more subtle and still a great read. 15/08/06 Match
Eyes of a Child Richard North Patterson Books Well crafted murder mystery leaves you guessing 'til the end. 10/08/06 Match
Sons of the Profits William C. Speidel Books Colorful history of Seattle's first 50 years. Non-fiction fun. 03/08/06 Match
Lakeside Cottage Susan Wiggs Books Smushy love story set in Lake Crescent, Wa. More interesting to me since I vacationed there last summer, but also a good sap story. 17/07/06 Match
The Fourth K Mario Puzo Books Author of The Godfather pastes together an interesting tale of a president who takes near total control of the country during a time of crisis...and it's a Democrat too! Good read. 17/07/06 Match
Beyond Recall Robert Goddard Books Sometimes diggin into the past can have unintended consequences, as the main character in this book finds out. A good page turner and well plotted mystery. 02/07/06 Match
Trace Patricia Cornwell Books Another mystery in the Kay Scarpetta series. Not the best, but still entertaining. 24/06/06 Match
The End of War David L. Robbins Books Fictional history is always intriguing. This story depicts the final days of WWII in Europe and the emerging struggle between the East and West. Also views the final days through the eyes of everyday people trapped in a world at war. 06/06/06 Match
Invasion Eric L. Harry Books China is the world's new super power with only one country left to dominate- The United States of America. 30/05/06 Match
Breakthrough: The Next Step Whitley Strieber Books Streibers ongoing attempts to make sense of the visitors. Interesting follow-up to Communion. But be aware that there is a second book, "Transformation" that precedes this one. Haven't read that one yet. 16/05/06 Match
Communion- A True Story Whitley Strieber Books Personal story about one man's encounter with, and attempt to understand, visitors from another realm. Is intelligent life out "there"? 07/05/06 Match
Warday Whitley Strieber & James Kunetka Books Chilling foreshadow of the results of a 'limited nuclear war' between the U.S. and the former U.S.S.R. 03/05/06 Match
Deception Point Dan Brown Books Action Thriller by Da Vinci Code author. A good page turner for a long weekend. 22/04/06 Match
Uncle Tom's Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe Books If you've never read this book, you should. There is a reason it is considered a classic. 11/04/06 Match
The Red Badge of Courage (and Selected Stories) Stephen Crane Books Re-reading classics always offers a new perspective, and with Crane, this is certainly true. 10/03/06 Match
Nature's End Whitley Strieber & James Kunetka Books Apocolyptic novel about environmental devastation of Earth and the havoc wrought by mankind on the brink of extinction. 08/02/06 Match
The Eleventh Comandment Jeffrey Archer Books Classic espionage tale taking place in the post Cold-war era. A fun and quick read. 25/01/06 Match
Chromosome 6 Robin Cook Books Classic Robin Cook medical thriller that explores the dangers of xenogenic research. 18/01/06 Match
Breach of Trust Tom A. Coburn Books Inside view of how corruption in Washington D.C. is killing our democracy. A must read for Americans. 14/01/06 Match
Tales of the Impossible Compiled by David Copperfield Books This anthology of mysterious tales will leave you satisfied with each story. Great reading from the master of illusion. 08/01/06 Match
The Judas Virus David Best Books Gripping medical thriller with all the action and suspense to keep you turning pages until the end. 23/12/05 Match
The Absence of Nectar Kathy Hepinstall Books Suspenseful and well written, this is a dark tale of family devolution, murder, and reclamation. A very good read! 21/12/05 Match
Forests of the Night James W. Hall Books Set in the history of the Cherokee tribe, this mystery is a fair read. 13/12/05 Match
A Place Called Freedom Ken Follet Books Another winner from Ken Follet. Follow a Scottish coal miner as he fights for the life of freedom and happiness in a new country known as America. 04/12/05 Match
Vigil Robert Masello Books Enjoyable read that blends the line of science, religion, and archeology. Not a must read, but certainly a good way to pass some moments. 15/11/05 Match
On A Pale Horse Piers Anthony Books The first book in The Incarnations of Immortality series...a fantastic read and explosive start to a great series. This is one of those keepers and I'm rereading the series again. 06/11/05 Match
The Search for Joseph Tully William H. Hallahan Books Captivating tale of family vengeance carried on throughout the ages. 02/11/05 Match
Code to Zero Ken Follett Books Espionage thriller set around the dawn of space exploration in the 1950's. 24/10/05 Match
100 Malicious Little Mysteries Various-Published by Barnes & Noble Books More fun, short, quirky little tales bundled in one big collection. 21/10/05 Match
100 Crooked Little Crime Stories Various- Published by Barnes & Noble Books Fun, short, and sometimes quirky. Just right for reading in short spurts or several stories in a row. 12/10/05 Match
Triplecross Linda Stevens Books Run of the mill mystery novel- good for passing between books. 05/09/05 Match
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince J.K. Rowling Books Not quite as exciting as previous Potter books, but a good read never-the-less, with plenty of character development and future plot extensions 24/08/05 Match
While My Pretty One Sleeps Mary Higgins Clark Books Fairly typical murder whodunnit- time to hit the book exchange again. 16/08/05 Match
Portrait of A Killer: Jack The Ripper Case Closed Patricia Cornwell Books Master of forensic whodunnits take on history's most controversial killer and point to a likely suspect- famous English painter Walter Sickert. 07/08/05 Match
Digital Fortress Dan Brown Books Orwelian government agency meets its match in this techno thriller by the author of The Da Vinci Code. 24/07/05 Match
Combat Jump Ed Ruggero Books Non-fiction account of the first American paratrooper action in WWII- the invasion of Sicily. Great read for war and history buffs. 24/07/05 Match
The Peking Dimension Ned Calmer Books A TV anchorman becomes the middleman in an international kidnapping during the cold war era. 12/07/05 Match
China Lake Anthony Hyde Books A strange twisted tale of intrigue. 04/07/05 Match
Fatal Michael Palmer Books A fast paced medical thriller, where greed puts the lives of millions in danger. A good read. 18/06/05 Match
Foucault's Pendulum Umberto Eco Books An arduous but ultimately worthy read about what happens when made up connections to historical events take on a life of their own. 05/06/05 Match R.J. Pineiro Books Too much technology in the wrong hands can have dire consequences, as you'll find in the action adventure novel. 23/04/05 Match
Sons of Fortune Jeffrey Archer Books Wonderfully woven tale of two men, intertwined by both fate and action, politically ambitious characters who embody what public service is really about. 11/04/05 Match
The Prometheus Deception Robert Ludlum Books From the master of the spy genre comes another intrigue laden tale that turns like a rollercoaster in the dark. Enjoyable to the end. 04/04/05 Match
The Devil's Workshop Stephen J. Cannell Books A secret government bioweapons project goes astray in this fast paced thriller. 24/03/05 Match
Jackdaws Ken Follet Books Another exciting WWII espionage tale from one of the masters of the genre. If you like cloak and dagger plots and defeated Nazi's, you'll love this book. 13/03/05 Match
Expendable James Alan Gardner Books A sci-fi novel that piqued my interest. It has some interesting social statements in addition to a fairly compelling storyline. 09/03/05 Match
Neanderthal John Darnton Books An imaginative tale of prehistoric man in the present day. A good, fun read. 02/03/05 Match
Night of the Seventh Darkness Daniel Easterman Books Disturbingly strange. Murder, voodoo, ancient religions...not the best, but not the worst. 02/03/05 Match
Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales Stephen King Books Standard King fare. Short enough to read in a sitting, creepy enough to remember for a while. 02/03/05 Match
Shadow Divers Robert Kurson Books Fascinating real life adventure surrounding the discovery of a long sunken German WWII U-Boat. Great scuba adventure! 02/03/05 Match
Shopgirl Steve Martin Books Steve Martin shows why he is more than just the "Wild and Crazy Guy" of his early days. His characters are so rich and real; their stories so poignant and heartfelt. Truly a must read. 14/01/05 Match
The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Books A fun who-dunnit with an interesting take on the origins of Christianity. I may have read this after the initial buzz died down, but still a good book. 10/01/05 Match