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OSLER'S WEB Hillary Johnson Books Inside the CFIDS Epidemic 25/03/07 Match
Memoirs of Cleopatra Margaret George Books 25/03/07 Match
The Red Tent Anita Diamant Books 25/03/07 Match
The Sopranos Showtime DVD the best written show ever to hit television 25/03/07 Match
Brand New Day Sting Music 25/03/07 Match
The Body Never Lies Alice Miller Books The Harmful Effects of Cruel Parenting 25/03/07 Match
Shark CBS VHS One of the BEST new shows on TV 13/12/06 Match
CSI Jerry Bruckheimer DVD William Peterson is the man! 13/12/06 Match
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Dick Wolf DVD Maritska Hartigay is one of the best actresses on TV!! 13/12/06 Match
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Dick Wolf DVD Vince D'Onofrio!! YUM!! 13/12/06 Match
CSI: Miami Jerry Bruckheimer DVD Addicting 13/12/06 Match
Are Men Necessary? Maureen Dowd Books Gotta Love this Woman! 09/04/06 Match
Emotional Rape Syndrome Dr. Mike Fox Books EXCELLENT!! 09/04/06 Match
Stalking the Soul M. Hirogyen Books a MUST read! 17/09/05 Match
Matrix Revolutions Matrix DVD loved it 17/09/05 Match
Lucky Alice Seibold Books a little scattered but insightful 17/09/05 Match
Kinsey Liam Neeson DVD 17/09/05 Match
Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson Keith Ablow Books thought provoking & scary 17/09/05 Match
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith George Lukas VHS great movie, made up for the last 2!! 17/06/05 Match
Deadly Game Catherine Crier Books well written, very good 17/06/05 Match
Medusa Annie Lennox Music 09/04/05 Match
Mercury Falling Sting Music 09/04/05 Match
Anticipation Carly Simon Music 09/04/05 Match
People of the Lie M. Scott Peck Books 09/04/05 Match
Lies & the Lying Liars Who Tell Them Al Franken Books 09/04/05 Match
Greatest Hits Carly Simon Music 16/03/05 Match
Honky Chateau Elton John Music 16/03/05 Match
Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 1 & 2) Larry David DVD 16/03/05 Match
The Jewish Study Bible God ;) Books 16/03/05 Match
Crazy Seal Music 16/03/05 Match
Choosing a Jewish Life Anita Diamant Books (thank you shira!) 16/03/05 Match
The DaVinci Code Decoded Martin Lunn Books 16/03/05 Match
Sacred Love Sting Music 16/03/05 Match
Fallen Evanescence Music 16/03/05 Match
Diva Annie Lennox Music 16/03/05 Match