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DescriptionMy own personal blog - remblings... mostly b/c I can't read my own handwriting or post links in my journal

Back to Basics Christine Aguliera Music Nice to see the 30s coming back into vogue. 18/09/06 Match
Taking the Long Way The Dixie Chicks Music Excellent album... really calls out the rednecks. And, well... excellent music, too. 18/09/06 Match
For The Boys Bette Midler Music One of my favorite soundtracks EVER - big band, Bette Midler... what else can you ask for? 31/12/05 Match
John Cynthia Lennon Books Excellent biography of John Lennon... probably truthful since it wasn't written by Yoko. 22/12/05 Match
Anthology John Lennon Music The ONE thing Yoko ever did right... 4 discs of John... unpolished. It's amazing, 17/12/05 Match
Confessions On a Dance Floor Madonna Music Excellent album... her best since probably Ray of Light - not saying that I hated American Life, because I actually liked it. So HA. 17/11/05 Match
Souls Alike Bonnie Raitt Music Awesome CD... record co needs to go out and MARKET IT. 16/10/05 Match
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard Paul McCartney Music GOD, this man is fantastic. Awesome new CD. Best since Flaming Pie... he plays every instrument himself... it's like McCartney IV (FP was so Macca III) 16/09/05 Match
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Bill Murray, Owen Wilson DVD Excellent, quirky, original, and a great movie. 06/08/05 Match
The Sims 2 Maxis/EA Games Videogames Scary... I can still eat hours of my life with this game. 31/07/05 Match
A World Like Ours Nicholas Alan Music A friend from HS released this album in May - very impressive. 17/07/05 Match
The Hours Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep DVD Just an amazing adaptation of an excellent book... which was a brilliant retelling of a Virginia Woolf novel, Mrs. Dalloway - also excellent. When you think about it, hw could this movie not be great? 02/07/05 Match
Rebel, Sweetheart The Wallflowers Music Another awesome album... I really love these guys. 05/06/05 Match
Bleed Like Me Garbage Music I'm hard pressed to take it out of my car's CD player. Fantastic CD 27/05/05 Match