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NameExilio de Andarilho
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DescriptionMusica, livros, leituras

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Magic Time, Van Morrison Songwriter Music 06/01/06 Match
Aerial, Kate Bush Songwriter Music 06/01/06 Match
Devils and Dust, Bruce Springsteen Musician Music 06/01/06 Match
The Beekeeper, Tori Amos Songwriter Music 06/01/06 Match
Magic Time, Van Morrison Songwriter Music 06/01/06 Match
O Apocalipse, Oriana Fallaci Author Books 06/01/06 Match
Nunca me deixes, Zaguo Ishiguro Author Books 06/01/06 Match
On Beauty, Zadie Smith Author Books 06/01/06 Match
Chronicles, Bob Dylan Author Books 06/01/06 Match
Master, Colm Toibin Author Books 06/01/06 Match
Sabado, Ian McEwan Author Books 06/01/06 Match