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DescriptionA list to keep just for fun.

The Wicker Man Neil LaBute DVD Ridiculous show. Agony trying to keep awake. 02/01/07 Match
Death Note: The Last Name Shusuke Kaneko DVD The sequel, which is not as good as the first. 02/01/07 Match
Death Note Shusuke Kaneko DVD Half japanese animae, BEAUTIFUL. 02/01/07 Match
Curse of the Golden Flower Zhang Yimou DVD Love the extravagance of this show and the strong acting by a formidable cast. 02/01/07 Match
Stay Alive William Brent Bell VHS Love the concept of this show though the quality of the show could improve. 02/01/07 Match
City of God Fernando Meirelles VHS Didn't quite understand the show. 02/01/07 Match
Cinderella Bong Man Dae DVD Korean horror movie. Not too bad. 02/01/07 Match
Fanaa Kunal Kohli Music Soundtrack 07/11/06 Match
The Book of Revelation Ana Kokkinos Music Soundtrack 07/11/06 Match
Children of Men Alfonso Cuarón DVD Very serious show. I like it though. 29/10/06 Match
Dil to Pagal Hai Yash Chopra DVD Not very nice. 29/10/06 Match
Fanaa Kunal Kohli DVD A very nice romantic show. Really love this show and the soundtrack. 29/10/06 Match
Snakes on a plane David R. Ellis DVD Love it, but the snakes should have been bigger though! 05/10/06 Match
The Devil wears Prada David Frankel DVD Hilarious! Must watch! 01/10/06 Match
Macbeth Geoffrey Wright DVD Trailer looked like an Underworld film, so i couldn't resist watching. Got a shock when the dialog were all in Shakespeare's language which was a bit shocking. 23/09/06 Match
The Book of Revelation Ana Kokkinos DVD Original plot, raw emotions, Visually disturbing 17/09/06 Match
The Great Escape John Sturges VHS Completely boring. And this film nearly won an Oscar. You got to be joking... 07/09/06 Match
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Gore Vebinski DVD Love this show, much better than the first one! 23/08/06 Match
Inner Sense Bruce Law Chi-Leung VHS Chinese horror cum romance 19/08/06 Match
United 93 Paul Greengrass DVD A movie set aboard one of the 4 hijacked planes of Sep 11 2001 18/08/06 Match
Flight Plan Robert Schwenke VHS Brilliant plot, and an ending that did not disappoint 12/08/06 Match
My Super Ex-Girlfriend Ivan Reitman DVD Hilarious! 23/07/06 Match
Hidden Michael Heneke DVD French show 19/07/06 Match
She's the Man Andy Fickman DVD Hilarious! 18/07/06 Match
Maxi Kingdom Various Music Electronica / Dance 13/07/06 Match
The Best Techno Hitz Ever Various Music Electronica / Dance 13/07/06 Match
Weekend Classics Various Music Classical 13/07/06 Match
Best Classics 100 Various Music Classical 13/07/06 Match
The Greatest Classical Moments II Various Music Classical 13/07/06 Match
The Greatest Classical Moments Various Music Classical 13/07/06 Match
Club Nights Various Music Electronica / Dance 13/07/06 Match
Goliath Steve Alten Books Adventure but too technical 13/07/06 Match
Temple Matthew Reilly Books Adventure 09/07/06 Match
Sandstorm James Rollins Books Adventure 09/07/06 Match
Freakonomics Steven D. Levitt, Steven J. Dubner Books Non-fiction easy read. Great stuff. 06/07/06 Match
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Stephen Norrington VHS Fantasy, brilliant movie 05/07/06 Match
The Brothers Grimm Terry Gilliam VHS Fantasy, but boring as hell 05/07/06 Match
Just like Heaven Mark Waters VHS Romance, Comedy. This show was marvellous. Will watch it again, anytime. 04/07/06 Match
Stage Beauty Richard Eyre VHS Romance. Love it. 04/07/06 Match
Wolf Creek Greg McLean VHS Horror and grisly, but failed in both aspects 04/07/06 Match
White Noise Geoffrey Sax VHS Horror, but not scary at all. 04/07/06 Match
Just one look Harlen Coben Books Mysteru & Thriller. Superbly weaved. 03/07/06 Match
Superman Returns Bryan Singer DVD Wonderful. Brilliant. 02/07/06 Match
By the light of the moon Dean Koontz Books Thriller & Mystery 30/06/06 Match
Silent Hill Christophe Gan DVD Horror, Zombies, and damn confusing 30/06/06 Match
Goleo IV presents World Cup Hits 2006 Various Music Dance 30/06/06 Match
World Cup Dance Anthems Various Music Electronica, Dance 30/06/06 Match
Classics from fantasy and fairy tales Various Music Classical 30/06/06 Match
Euro U-turn Various Music Electronica, Dance 30/06/06 Match
The Breathtaker Alice Blanchard Books Mystery & Thriller, 4 out of 5 stars 27/06/06 Match
Perfect Nightmare John Saul Books Thriller, Mystery 25/06/06 Match
The Innocent Harlan Coben Books Mystery & Thriller 24/06/06 Match
Deception Point Dan Brown Books Utter brilliance! 23/06/06 Match
Ice Hunt James Rollins Books Adventure, nice touch of romance 23/06/06 Match
Slither James Gunn DVD Dumb lame show, not even worth a single cent. Ridiculous. 20/06/06 Match
The spirit catches you and you fall down Anne Fadiman Books An absolutely terrific piece of non-fiction 19/06/06 Match
Archangel Robert Harris Books Thriller and Mystery 17/06/06 Match
Enigma Robert Harris Books Complicated and tough on the head, but wasn't too bad 13/06/06 Match
The Da Vinci Code Ron Howard DVD Ok only, not as much emotion as i would have liked 11/06/06 Match
X-Men 3: The Last Stand Brett Ratner DVD Very disappointing 09/06/06 Match
Screw it, Let's do it Richard Branson Books Non-fiction, easy read 30/05/06 Match
Mission Impossible 3 J. J. Abrams DVD Action-packed, nice plot, good ending, nice touch of romance, witty lines 07/05/06 Match
Casablanca Michael Curtiz DVD Beautiful love story, great classic 28/04/06 Match
Water Deepa Mehta DVD Eye-opener 17/04/06 Match
Tsotsi Gavin Hood DVD Touching, Wonderful 14/04/06 Match
The Inside Man Spike Lee DVD Wacky and Intelligent 12/04/06 Match
The King James Marsh DVD Really nice, cool portrayal of a textbook sociopath 09/04/06 Match
V for Vendetta James McTeigue DVD Great show 08/04/06 Match
Capote Bennet Miller DVD Thought-provoking, very sad 31/03/06 Match
Lassie Charles Sturridge DVD Timeless classic 18/03/06 Match
Hostel Eli Roth DVD Dreadful and really painful 15/03/06 Match
TransAmerica Duncan Tucker DVD Best movie ever watched, new all time fave 24/02/06 Match
Syriana Stephen Gaghan DVD Confusing 21/02/06 Match
Brokeback Mountain Ang Lee DVD Not too bad 14/02/06 Match
Match Point Woody Allen DVD Amazing and Fabulous 08/02/06 Match
Lucy's Child Shaun Hutson Books Thriller / Horror 08/02/06 Match
Shutter Island Dennis Lehane Books Thriller 07/02/06 Match
Fearless Ronny Yu DVD Brilliant 02/02/06 Match
All i want is (Wo zhi shi xiang yao) Chen Wei Lian Music Mandarin Pop (Love songs) 31/01/06 Match
The Society Michael Palmer Books Medical Thriller 31/01/06 Match
Cujo Stephen King Books Horror 30/01/06 Match
Truth or Dare Jayne Ann Krentz Books Thriller 28/01/06 Match
Dog Catcher Erik R. Sysak Books Easy to read 26/01/06 Match
Blood Oath David Morrell Books Thriller 26/01/06 Match
Memoirs of a Geisha Rob Marshall DVD Draggy and boring 26/01/06 Match
Black Creek Crossing John Saul Books Horror 23/01/06 Match
You could have it so much better Franz Ferdinand Music Pop 23/01/06 Match
Mesmerize System of a Down Music Metal 23/01/06 Match
Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Gwen Stefani Music Pop 23/01/06 Match
Curtain Call Eminem Music Hip Hop 23/01/06 Match
Ancora Il Divo Music Opera 23/01/06 Match
Contest Michael Reilly Books Thriller & Adventure 19/01/06 Match
The Family Stone Thomas Bezucha DVD Feel good, comedy 18/01/06 Match
The Chronicles of Narnia Andrew Adamson DVD Fantasy 18/01/06 Match
Supersize Me Morgon Spurlock VHS Documentary 18/01/06 Match
50 First Dates Peter Segal VHS Comedy 18/01/06 Match
King Kong Peter Jackson DVD Fantasy 18/01/06 Match
Light in Shadow Jayne Ann Krentz Books Thriller 18/01/06 Match
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon Isabel Allende Books Easy to read 18/01/06 Match
The sex life of my Aunt Mavis Cheek Books Easy to read 18/01/06 Match
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince J.K. Rowling Books Fantasy 18/01/06 Match
The Chronicles of Narnia C.S. Lewis Books Fantasy 18/01/06 Match
Misfortune Wesley Stace Books Fiction 18/01/06 Match
Infected Majesco Videogames PSP 18/01/06 Match
Kingdom of Paradise SCEA Videogames PSP 18/01/06 Match
Untold legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Sony Online Entertainment Videogames PSP 18/01/06 Match
PoPoLoCrois Agetec Videogames PSP 18/01/06 Match
Lord of The Rings: Tactics EA Videogames PSP 18/01/06 Match
Daniel Powter Daniel Powter Music Pop 18/01/06 Match
Back to Bedlam James Blunt Music Pop 18/01/06 Match
Confessions on a dance floor Madonna Music Pop 18/01/06 Match
Howl's Moving Castle Joe Hisaishi Music Soundtrack 18/01/06 Match
Drama Bananarama Music Pop 18/01/06 Match
The Essential Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Music Pop 18/01/06 Match
Defined Amici forever Music Opera 18/01/06 Match
Masterboy Greastest Hits of the 90s and Beyond MasterBoy Music Techno / Dance 18/01/06 Match