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The Teeth of the Tiger Tom Clancy Books If you've ever read a Clancy, they tend to start out a little slow. The same went for this book. About 200 pages in, it was still all explanations and setting the scene. Once the action did start, however, this book got really good. The scray thing is how real of a scenario it could be, with this type of terrorist attack. I like reading Clancy, but I can't read them too close together, they're very tedious, and you have to have a lot of patience to get through them. 04/06/06 Match
Code To Zero Ken Follett Books A great book about the paranoia and the internal problems in the US during the Cold War era. Good action, kind of predictable, but still entertaining. 21/05/06 Match
Game of Shadows Mark Fainaru-Wada, Lance Williams Books The infamous book that blew open the BALCO scandal and has led to the grandy jury investigation for perjury. If this book is true, Bonds is beyond guilty of juicing. A must read for any baseball fan. 23/04/06 Match
The Janson Directive Robert Ludlum Books This book is in progress. I'm really enjoying it, it's another spy thriller involving "Con Ops." As far as spy thrillers goes, this one is great, because of the conspiracies that are intertwined with the story. 16/04/06 Match
State of Fear Michael Crichton Books Casts some major doubts on the validity of global warming. It's a heck of a book, but I'm not 100% of the science. It made me want to find some answers for myself. 01/04/06 Match
Splinter Cell: Operation Barracuda Tom Clancy/ David Michaels Books This is a fun book to read, I enjoyed it. I'm going to read more of them, they're interesting, and fast. 23/03/06 Match
Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt Anne Rice Books A fictional account of Jesus as a 7 year old boy, narrarated by Jesus. This book was amazing, I loved every second of it. It really showed the humanity and fraility of Jesus the person. 08/03/06 Match
Where God Was Born Bruce Fieler Books More of a memoir than anything, but it was insightful and the imagery of the Holy Land was really great. I could picture a lot of these places. I found myself reading on to find out more about Eden and Jersusalem, among other things. 08/03/06 Match
Consent to Kill Vince Flynn Books A great spy thriller book. Nothing out of the ordinary, but well researched and well written. 08/03/06 Match
Ambler Warning Robert Ludlum Books Similar to "The Bourne Identity" in a lot of ways. Still, a very good mind thriller, a spy who doesn't know who he is. I enjoyed it, but I've read similar stuff. 08/03/06 Match