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Mirrorball Sarah McLachlan Music The name has been around for a while - now I finally bought some music, another great female voice! 28/09/08 Match
Lots on Ruby on Rails various Books RoR is simply great - but it takes a bit to fully understand what's going on :) 28/09/08 Match
Drakensang Radeon Labs Videogames Finally - the next best RPG! 28/09/08 Match
Neverwinter Nights 2 Obsidian Entertainment Videogames An in-depth RPG experience; however, this is only to bridge for some new RPG stuff coming through... 10/08/08 Match
Lego Indiana Jones LucasArts Videogames A funny jump and run game with moderate puzzles - easy, but enjoyable 10/08/08 Match
X Kylie Minogue Music her next album - not as good as Lightyears, but worth listening 13/01/08 Match
Heroes Tim Kring DVD not DVD, but airing on TV. Great show... 13/01/08 Match
Head First SQL Lynn Beighley Books finally, I will understand outer-joins and other magic SQL stuff... 13/01/08 Match
The Witcher PC DVD Videogames finally another good RPG! 11/11/07 Match
Titan Quest PC DVD Videogames Just plain old hack'n'slay... 04/07/07 Match
Alias J. J. Abrams DVD The next TV series to go for... 04/07/07 Match
Reflections Sandra Music Here we are - the EIGHTIES STRIKE AGAIN! 07/03/07 Match
Head First Java Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates Books Great. These Head First books are all awesome... 22/02/07 Match
iWoz Stephen Wozniak Books Woz is the nerd of all nerds... :) 26/01/07 Match
ReGenesis Christina Jennings DVD Actually, not DVD - but currently running on arte, a great show, "must-see"... 16/01/07 Match
Call off the Search Katie Melua Music Wow - her first album is almost better than her second! 16/01/07 Match
Illuminatus! Robert A. Wilson, Robert Shea Books A bit confused, but still - a classic... 16/01/07 Match
Anno 1701 PC DVD Videogames Great - the best Anno I have ever played! 08/12/06 Match
Die unendliche Geschichte Michael Ende Books This one can be re-read over and over again... classic german Fantasy... 06/10/06 Match
Never Say Never Kim Wilde Music First Nena, now her - THE EIGHTIES ARE BACK! 13/09/06 Match
Geheimakte: Tunguska PC DVD Videogames Finally, a great, great adventure again... 08/09/06 Match
Star Trek DS9 "Relaunch" Pocket Books Books For all of those that wondered how the saga continues... read those books! 02/09/06 Match
Piece by Piece Katie Melua Music Simple Blues. Outstanding Voice... 02/09/06 Match
The Simpsons Matt Groening DVD Currently somewhere in season 5 - season 6 is due to arrive... 02/09/06 Match
Star Trek: DS9 Michael Piller, Rick Berman, Gene Roddenberry DVD All the seasons - I am currently watching them all over again... 02/09/06 Match
The Battle for Middle Earth II PC DVD Videogames Great. If you love the movies and are into RTS gaming, this is definitively a MUST 02/09/06 Match