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Eternal Darkness Gamecube Videogames I was a pussy when I was young. Everything scared me. I grew up and came to love what I feared, but things still haunt me. I still run through dark rooms, 'cause I know if I stop, the clown will get me. This game does the same things to you. 14/02/03 Match
Equal Rites Terry Pratchett Books I love me some Discworld. The story on this one seemed a little incoherent and rushed, but it's still a stellar little read. Do yourself a favor and go pick up "Small Gods", then thank me later. 14/02/03 Match
Smofe & Smang: Live in Minneapolis Mike Doughty Music I can't stop listening to this CD. Ever. Do yourself a favor and go download "Busting Up A Starbux" or "Lisa Ling and Lucy Liu" to get yourself a taste, and then buy the whole damn CD. 14/02/03 Match
Napalm and Silly Putty George Carlin Books This is an audiobook. I got nervous when, for the beginning of the CD, all Carlin talked about was his cat. Is he accidentally reading a Rita Rudner book? Then the motherfuckers came in. Good. 14/02/03 Match
Hocus Pocus Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Books I've tried reading Vonnegut. I hate Vonnegut. With a passion. But I've been told that I should give him a second chance. Let's see how it turns out. 14/02/03 Match