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NameDimensional Living
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DescriptionI study The Word. I read, write and craft. I build web pages and do a lot of social networking. I love music, animals and anything related to nature. I am an activist and a volunteer and do what I can to improve my community. Glad to be part of another on

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Go Ask Alice Anonymous Books Thanks to whomever it was willing to share this young person's diary with the world ! 13/04/08 Match
Roughing it Easy Dian Thomas Books 23/03/08 Match
The Hobit J.R.R. Tolkien Books The first and best of a brilliant trilogy 20/02/08 Match
Sybil Flora Rhea Schreiber Books The book was much better than the movie 29/01/08 Match
Joy of Cooking Rombauer & Becker Books One of the finest cookbooks around 20/01/08 Match
United States Constitution United States Books Not a book but the entire constitution FYI 01/01/08 Match
War of the Worlds H G Wells Books Woohoo... Found this one online too ! 01/01/08 Match
1984 George Orwell Books Read it free online here 30/12/07 Match
Numbers in Scripture E. W. Bullinger Books Read it free online here 30/12/07 Match
The Witness of the Stars E. W. Bullinger Books Read free online here 30/12/07 Match
Salem's Lot Stephen King Books This favorite from a Christian... Lol 30/12/07 Match
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach Books Does indeed live in all of us ! 30/12/07 Match
Sorcerer's Stone J.K. Rowling Books Imagination runamuk. Loved it ! 30/12/07 Match