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Stephen King Books F
Sandra Scoppettone's Writing Thoughts
11 Jan 12 11:48 Match


Stephen King Books Incredibly long but also a good read from the master of horror, macabre, and altogether unreal fiction. Aliens, the military, and a cadre of special friends make this a fun book to read.
Common Sense
07 Feb 11 21:48 Match

Just After Sunset

Stephen King Books Another fine collection of tales from the master of the wierd and unsettling. A good, quick read for when you want more out of 500 pages than just one story.
Common Sense
20 Nov 10 19:29 Match

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower

Stephen King Books In the conclusion to King's epic tale, Roland's band of gunslingers take their final steps towards the Dark Tower and what future awaits them.
Common Sense
17 Apr 08 10:46 Match

The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah

Stephen King Books Six in the series has our ka-tet (now of five) dispersed along the path of thebeam. Each seeks to fulfill their mission while trying to find a way back to each other.
Common Sense
07 Apr 08 20:33 Match

The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla

Stephen King Books FIfth in the series has Roland and his ka-tet defending a town on the edge of Mid-World. The worlds held apart by the tower are more rapidly converging as the quartet continues their journey.
Common Sense
02 Apr 08 21:41 Match

The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

Stephen King Books Fourth in the series takes us back to the youth of Roland and his beginnings as a real gunslinger. Another compelling read that almost reads itself.
Common Sense
25 Mar 08 16:28 Match

The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands

Stephen King Books Third in the series follows the trio as they reunite with their fourth member of their ka-tet and continue their journey towards the Dark Tower.
Common Sense
25 Mar 08 07:15 Match

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the THree

Stephen King Books Second in the series, where Roland the Gunslinger and his first two companions meet.
Common Sense
25 Mar 08 07:14 Match

The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger

Stephen King Books The first of the epic Dark Tower story, one of King's greatest tales.
Common Sense
27 Feb 08 20:43 Match


Stephen King Books
Brain Explosion
14 Jan 08 11:37 Match

The Stand

Stephen King Books
Brain Explosion
14 Jan 08 11:35 Match

Salem's Lot

Stephen King Books This favorite from a Christian... Lol
Dimensional Living
30 Dec 07 04:02 Match

Lisey's Story

Stephen King Books
Family Gatherings
23 Feb 07 02:32 Match


Stephen King Books A definite chiller..
Catwmn's Cranium
28 Jul 06 21:22 Match

Cell: A Novel

Stephen King Books se berem, zaenkrat zelo zabavno in napeto
07 May 06 12:37 Match

Four Past Midnight

Stephen King Books
MStateDawg's Pound of Thoughts
27 Apr 06 13:03 Match


Stephen King Books
Mis a Jour
26 Mar 06 07:08 Match


Stephen King Books An awesome book...finished it in juts over 5 days...Couldn't put it down
Catwmn's Cranium
19 Feb 06 06:42 Match


Stephen King Books
The Ass-Hat Uprising
15 Feb 06 18:08 Match


Stephen King Books Horror
30 Jan 06 01:33 Match