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What is & why should I use it? lets you add a section to your website to display a list of music, books, films, games and websites that you're currently into. See an example image, or see a live demonstration

You can automatically update the list from this website and setup requires only a one-time copy & paste of a couple of lines of html into your webpage. No FTP, no templates, no programming!.

You can change the design of your list any time. The list is perfect for weblogs, but can be used on any type of website - even free ones like Geocities.

It's extremely quick to add/edit a MediaList entry, so you can publish what you're into at the drop of a hat. It's infinitely quicker than editing a web page by hand and the entries you make go into a central archive that people can search n' surf. It's also quicker and easier than customising a blog template, if you're into that sort of thing.

You may even be able to make money from your list items (see below). People can also rate you on your good/bad taste, according to a scale (that's the themes bit in your profile) that you choose to reflect your personality.

Ultimately, you would want to publish and update your list because it's fun, and it's cool being able to share your thoughts on popular culture in such an easy way. And it's always nice to have your name up in lights as it were, on the Net.

How do I get started?
The first thing to do is sign-up if you haven't already. Your username and password will be emailed to you as a reminder.

Then go to the 'Grab List Code' page. Select which type of list you want and copy the appropriate code. Paste it into your webpage, wherever you want it. You can use HTML tables for precision.

In your 'Edit List' page simply enter the name of the music/book/film etc and who it's by/from. You can optionally enter a related website/affiliate link, image URL and a few words of comment. After saving, the web page that you've copied the list code into will be updated. Your list entry will also appear on the homepage, in the searchable database and in your public profile page.

In your 'Edit Profile' page, you can, er, edit your profile. In the format list page you can alter the look and feel of your list 'on-the-fly'. Reload the webpage with your list to see the changes, which shuold be immediate. Try CTRL-Refresh on Internet Explorer to force a clean page-refresh or SHIFT-Reload on Netscape.

How much does myMediaList cost?
Okay, let's cut to the chase people. Just how much am I charging for such a wonderful tool as Well, er, nothing. That's right, zippo, null, nish, sweet f.a., nada, zilch. All I ask is that you spread the good name of by word of mouth to your friends, family, co-workers, strangers, imaginary voices etc. etc.

I also require you to place a link on your page. This is hardly a venture capital backed operation, so paid marketing is kept to a minumum, if indulged in at all. Thus, we rely on your kind nature in spreading the word. Plus, it's good K A R M A people!

How can I contact you?
You can email me for suppport/admin questions (or glossy-mag interviews :-)). I'd give y'all my telephone number as well, but I'm not stupid. You think I don't know how many crazies are out there, just begging for a chance to breath heavy down my phone?

Can I make money with
Funny you should ask, as the answer is indeed YES. How? Well, when you edit your media list you will notice that there is a 'Web Link' input box, where you are supposed to paste a web address (if you have one) for the book/CD/game/DVD/video being listed.

Now, those of you who are web-savvy enough will already be associates/affiliates with the likes of or Barnes & Noble, and you guessed it, you can use your affiliate link in this input box.

So, anytime anyone clicks on the link, either from your list on your website or from, they will be clicking your affiliate link! And if they then buy something, you make the commission!

If you don't use this field, then it defaults to my own affiliate link. This is because it costs alot of money to host this site and serve up your lists from my webserver 24/7 and I need to cover these costs somehow. I don't want to charge you guys or plaster the site with annoying banner ads so this seems the best option as it is the least intrusive...if you have any better ideas, I would love to know!

If you are really not comfortable with the links defaulting to my affiliate link, but don't want to add a link of your own then you can override it with a '^' (hat symbol). No link at all will be displayed if this symbol is used. I hope that's a good compromise.

How can I change the look of my List?
This is very easy to do and actually quite fun. Once you have copied your myMediaList code from your 'Edit Profile' page into your chosen web page, you will be ready to experiment with the look and feel.

At the bottom of your 'Edit Profile' page (accessed after logging-in) you will see a set of 16 drop-down lists. Each list corresponds to a feature of your MediaList, such as header font color or text size/type etc. You can either select a value from the drop-down list or enter your required value directly into the input box, just below each drop-down list.

Click 'Save Changes' when you are ready. To test your changes, simply reload the web page into which you had previously copied the myMediaList code.

Also, you can make use of themes when being scored by others. See the list for more details.

How private is
Sheesh, how private is *anything* these days!? Okay, okay, I promise to never rent, sell or give-away your personal identifiable details, like names & emails. I may end up selling unidentifiable patterns of behaviour to gullible marketeers, and spin it as a 'deep insight to a crucial demographic'. They love that sort of thing.

Who knows? I probably won't even get that far, and even if I do, I'm just too damn lazy anyway, so I guess I'll procrastinate and do nothing at all.

How can I display an image of myself?
Quite the exhibitionist aren't you! Well, it's simple. Upload an image of yourself to a website. I recommend Homestead (not free), Angelfire (free) or Tripod (free). You can also try Geocities (free), although personally I've experienced some issues with displaying, on another site, images hosted with them.

Then, find out the address (URL) of this image. An easy way to do this would be to view the image over the web, right click your mouse and select 'Properties' and copy the value displayed.

Paste the address of the image into the 'Image URL' input box in your profile. Click 'Save Changes'.And that's it! View your profile from the homepage, media list or search, to see the image being displayed.

We require that all images be in good taste and not likely to offend anyone. Yeah right! Like I've got time to check everyone's images! Gimme a break. I don't give a monkey's what images you use. Just...if you're going to be rude, try and be original, you know?

Who are you and why are you doing this?
That's a tough question to ask an ex-philosopher. I'm likely to get all heated, with my head eventually exploding like that dude in 'Scanners'. If you really want to know more about me, see my home page.

I guess I'm doing this because I think bloggers are just cool, if a little strange and I think will be an interesting add-on to new and existing blogs. I rarely indulge in blogging personally. I think it's a bad habit and I hear it makes your palms hairy or at least damages your eyesight. Partly I'm doing this just to see how it will turn out, or if it will turn out at all. I don't know. Whatever. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands. Will succumb to the great unwashed of pop culture!? Will it be a neat way of subverting mass media and it's associated PR/brainwashing!? Will it save the tied up damsel from the oncoming steam-train in time!? Really, the suspense is killing me. I think I'll be happy if, like, 20 people use it on a regular basis!

Can I advertise on
If you want to get your message out to other like-minded, savvy web-users you can try banner-advertising on this website. Get in touch with moi and we shall see if we can come to some arrangement. It's still early days, but we're looking at ~$1 per 1000 impressions.