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Living in Infamyunanon@yahoo.comChronicle of my serial obsessions, mundane daily events, and strange fascination with fanfic.
Just trying to
Rachel and the Cityrachelmhurley@yahoo.comAre You Down?
A Trout In The
Anak Ng Calm
fear and loathing in wangavegasprivate
Damien's Irishperson in Exile
march to augustprivate
venus in
"Demo Reel"privateJournal almost, but not quite entirely, unrelated to filmmaking
Books I Have Read in 2005me@kevinholtsberry.comA list of books I have read this year.
Disturbing the Universestephdisturbstheuniverse@gmail.comThese are my nocturnal creative outbursts, illegitimate art & curious antidotes for cabin fever. Watch me as I go troll-trolling around the Universe.