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KendraKENAKIT@aol.comThe Apples of my Eye
The Outlaw
My Little Corner Of The
One Ring: The Complete Guide to Tolkien
Hana wa Sakura Gi Hito wa
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Fact or Fiction NetworkprivateFact or Fiction Network: Who Will Believe You? Tell me your story and let the people who here judge whether you are telling the truth; or tell me which of my often paranormal stories are true. I bet you cannot guess.
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The Quirky
DemoprivateThis is a working example using a demonstration account. To edit the media list or the profile, just use username=demo and password=demo from the home page.
Inconstant Moon Thoughtsprivate
Everything - Emelon's
Bikers Romans Blogprivate
chocolate dreamevamaria@chocolatedream.netpersonal domain of a Swiss university student - my life, my pictures, my travel log, my whatever I can think of
out in the
cosmic voidprivate
miss necy dot
Ubi Dubium Ibi perspectives on life!
Dimensional LivingprivateI study The Word. I read, write and craft. I build web pages and do a lot of social networking. I love music, animals and anything related to nature. I am an activist and a volunteer and do what I can to improve my community. Glad to be part of another on